FNXfit brings in Beth Adair

It’s my pleasure to announce I’ll be working with FNXFit.com as a brand ambassador. It will be a blast to promote the product line in Florida. I was so happy they needed a girl over 50 to represent them.

The products are all made in the USA, are WADA & GMP compliant. Each time you buy a product, a gallon of water is donated to a village. WADA is the acronym for World Anti-doping agency. GMP is the acronym for good manufacturing practice. The village that FNXfit donates water to is located in Africa. Two days before interviewing with FNXfit, I had weight trained in a gym in Accra on a layover. On my next visit there, I’ll check out a village. (The trip was a last minute reassignment & I would like to donate clothes on my next visit. I didn’t have anything to donate on the first trip there).

When I was interviewing for the position as brand ambassador, my questions were mainly on where the product was made & distributed, and whether the product contained illegal chemicals. Anyone who knows fitness training understands the need to maintain muscle mass in any sport, and in my job as a flight attendant I’m randomly drug tested. I will never ingest anything that will get me fired for failing a drug test.

The products are distributed from Salt Lake City, & my favorite product, thus far, is the ‘Refuel Whey Protein’ which sells for 59.99, has 115 calories, & 22 protein grams. The 4 flavors are Mint Chocolate truffle, Vanilla Milkshake, Chocolate Malt & Peanut Butter Cup. Free shipping in the USA for bundles totaling 125.00.

Consult your doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins as it’s always a good idea in case you’re on medication. Some medications will not work when taking vitamins or supplements.

I am registered for the SAFCompetitions.com in Canada in the fall. I will be using FBXfit supplements in my training for my first ever bikini model/fitness contest. I’ve trained on a 4-6 month plan doing marathons, likely the hardest part to the bikini contest will be the competition style diet. I’ll enjoy it, as more positive gains will be had with a regimented training & tighter diet.

I hope all of your projects are rolling well, & you have a positive cash flow. I’ve often joked during this pandemic, “happiness is a positive cash flow”, and hoping all of my friends & followers are getting great gains.

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