Rogiani Blue Calypso High waist tights .& Rogiani Custom Cut Athena Top ( photo credit: Paul Buceta, Nov ‘23

Please consult with a doctor before beginning any fitness plan.  I’m sharing my own fitness plan as I’m occasionally asked what I do to stay fit.   I frequent a gym attended by many senior athletes, and it’s so encouraging to see men & women in their 70’s, 80’s & 90’s still hitting the gym.  

For fitness, I aim for a 5 day a week schedule of cardio that consists of either using a bike (stationary or unmotorized beach bike), walking, lap swimming, & my “new found cardio dose”, rowing.  I usually do cardio for about 40-60 minutes per session.  

i hit the weight room 2-3 days a week, & love weight training.  I’ve been doing a structured weight training program since age 27.  

I no longer run or  race, but do volunteer at races.   I ran numerous Gate River Run 15k’s under my last name Adair, (& Franco from the years 2004-2010 when I was married).  My PR at the GRR was 1:10.   There’s also another Beth Adair in Jacksonville, who is younger than me, & took up running.  I discovered this when buying shoes at 1st Place Sports (they keep a file of all customer purchases).  I love that another Beth Adair is a runner, too.  I’m retired from running, so maybe she’ll beat my race times. 

I ran the NYC marathon in ‘97, 99, & ‘03.  My PR in the NYC was 4:16 (4:11 on chip).   My favorite part to the course was getting into Manhattan.  The energy of the crowd was electric 

I often rent a bike in cities to tool around when I travel.  It’s a great way to see a new town, & also get exercise.  I have walked around towns, rented bikes, gone running, gone parasailing & numerous other adventures in 49 US states (I’ve not been to South Dakota).  I love going abroad, too.  Ireland is the country that brings me luck, and people are always glad to see me when I go.  My favorite city for the history & food is Rome, Italy. 

For weight training, I like to work each body part with 2 exercises per body part for upper body, & a total of 3-5 for lower body (per session).  

I do 3 sets of 12 reps for upper body and 3 sets of 20 reps for lower body.  I’m constantly moving during my weight training, while mixing in abwork or alternating upper and lower body work.    *See below for some of my favorites. 

Consult a doctor before you do any fitness plan.  As fitness pioneer Bill Phillips would say, “ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you”.  (Bill & his wife Maria run a gym & concept out in CO).  I loved  Bill’s “Body For Life” concept, too.

I do AB work 4-5 days a week & have found it the hardest area to get results.  If I’m scheduled for a photo shoot, I work my abs everyday.  The captains chair is one of my favorite tools, & I’ll do 4-5 sets of 80 knee-ups a session (with feet crossed at the ankles), while using it.   I also like leg raises, and crunches. Typically, the rep count per session for my abwork is 500 reps (total).

My fitness trainer & friend,  Lyn Lichty, taught me much of what I do in the weight room.  I first discovered her at age 16.  She taught aerobics in the 80’s at her studio in FL, Exercise Studio South (back then).  I used to use my babysitting money to attend her classes.  Find her these days at Bailey’s Gym in Jacksonville Beach, FL, (which just got bought by Chuze Fitness).  It was a pleasure to cross paths with David Bailey, who ran the gyms with his brother Darryl, and his late brother Don.  It was good luck for Chuze having such a top notch crew get the gyms rolling at Bailey’s before they bought their clubs.

In my college days, at UCF, I did rely on knowledge from other trainers such as Penny Price, Wayne Lenihan (who owned American Muscle gym with his family then). I’d also read books by fitness competitor, Joyce Vedral, PhD.   Back in 1991, my favorite take away from 1 of Joyce’s books was (paraphrased), “never verbalize a negative thought about yourself”.    I’d later discover training books too,  by Bill Phillips, too.  

Consult a doctor before beginning any fitness training. I’ve left the amount of weight I use off as it’s best if you consult with a trainer, doctor and/or parent who weight trains before starting a fitness weight training program.  (Reason I mention parent is my late father had a weight room in our basement in NC when I was a kid.  I didn’t take interest in weights till many years later, but he would’ve been able to advise where to start).      Here are a few of my favorites listed below:

*Lat pull downs, one arm rows, front raises, Arnold shoulder press, alternating biceps curls, hammer curls, triceps extensions, one-arm rows, triceps kickbacks, triceps press, chest flies, chest press, adductor, abductor, straight leg deadlift, leg press, leg curls, plié squats, side lunges, leg extensions, side lateral raises, incline sit-ups, single leg deadlift 

Again, i do not advise jumping into weight training  (or exercise), without consult from a doctor & also either an experienced fitness trainer, or parent.  You’ll get injured if you lift too heavily,  too quickly, & it’s just not worth it.  Same goes for any running or cardio plan.  

Also, I don’t sit on a machine or bench and text for several minutes between sets.   It’s not how I was mentored, and instead, I work in sets of ab work or alternate arms and legs.  

Pictured with me here is Allison Pynn ( I was working with Sarah Lyons Glabman ( We wanted to do a shot using my medals to conceal my chest. Medals were from numerous races, including 3 NYC marathons, & several Gate River Run 15K’s. I encourage athletes to keep medals & trophies as someday they may want pics with them :-). Pic is circa 2014

Pic is from 2011. The late Paul Figura, one of Jacksonville’s best photogs, took the shot at 0700. We worked 3 scenes with 2 outfit changes. Paul chatted on his kids the whole shoot, & I let the family know about that at his funeral. He died suddenly from a hemorrhagic stroke in his early 50’s. Paul loved working with the Jacksonville Jaguars, & with Fred Taylor (a retired Jaguar). It was a huge compliment when he said I was fun to work with.

Myself with Paul Buceta at a ‘21 STRONG camp. Paul is founder & chief photographer of STRONG Fitness Magazine

I crossed paths with Paul Buceta (pictured above), founder and chief photographer at STRONG Fitness Magazine in 2019. Being published in his magazine (with friends at a STRONG camp) was so special. It was a treat to be in a Buceta publication. It was also a pleasure to meet Paul’s wife, Kim, at their studio in Toronto. Find STRONG Fitness Magazine on shelves at grocery stores, (like Publix or Ingles in the Southeast) and bookstores nationwide in Canada & the USA. You can also find the magazine digitally at If you get the opportunity to meet some of the staff, all you’ll do is laugh.

Being featured in any fitness magazine was worth all of my work, & every ”rejection notice”. The first email I got from a mag merely saying ”don’t call us, we’ll call you”, was probably the hardest. I’d later find rejection notices entertaining. None of my goals with getting published in any magazine came easily. It was excruciatingly hard. I was always grateful for any suggestion given by an editor with said rejection notice. I took comments and criticisms and used them to my advantage.

Some advice I may add is to get a reputable agent, if you live near one. My agent is Vicki Foley,

And, also consult with Lisa Maile, ( Lisa has been in the business of professional consulting and modeling coaching over 40 years. She & her husband Art D’Alessandro have contacts all over the world. Lisa was valedictorian out of over 700 students & graduated Summa cumme laude from UCF. Art is a movie & TV script writer.

I’d add too, some modeling projects I was interested in doing when I was younger just had to wait. When I was in college, (& also working in retail), there just was no time to make auditions. My college degree was important to me. Initially, I had wanted to be a fashion model, but learned at age 18 I was not tall enough. I realized my modeling goals would need a different direction. It’s a very tough (but fun) business.

Suffield STRONGCAMP 2021, copyrighted
Herb Peyton & I, post-race of the 2017 GateRun15K. Herb founded Gate Petroleum, the title sponsor of the race. I was having a good day. I finished top 10% in the 2017 15K , 11 weeks after epigastric hernia surgery.
Amby Burfoot, Beth Adair, George Hirsch, George founded the NYC Marathon & is Chairman Emeritus of the NYRR. Amby is the ‘68 winner of the Boston Marathon.

I’m very grateful for my running contacts. I ran races all over the US in the 90’s, and later went on to complete 3 NYC Marathons (‘97, ‘99 & ‘03). The first NYC Marathon, I ran with the Leukemia Team In Training (Atlanta chapter, and was coached by Tommy Owens). I raised 2261.00 for a child with leukemia while training for the race.

1 sample exercise—Lat Pulldowns I try to get them in 2-3 days a week.
Dec 2021 Before i had to work that day, I dropped the Nov/Dec issue of Strong Fitness Magazine by the Wendy Williams show. i was on page 79 of that issue with friends. Wendy was in Miami recuperating from illness.. I had been in her audience in 2016.
raw image, Sarah Lyons Glabman/2014,

photo credit :

David took this shot in Dublin, Ireland in ‘16 using a “fisheye lens”. We also worked with Brian Ankers the same day atop of Wicklow Mountain. We joked the whole shoot about what kind of lens he’d be using.

*Pink outfit at top by Rhoda, the designer, is out in Hawaii.