I workout 5-7  days a week. Five days of cardio, 45-60 minutes per day. Weight training 2-3 days a week, 1 hour per session with weights. (Cardio and weight training are done on the same day, usually.)*  If I’m training for something specific, I’ll train very hard.   I also bike ride on layovers, (video taken last spring in Amsterdam).

Cardio workouts are a variety including, running, stair mill (level 9 or 10), walking 4 mph on flat beach, or treadmill usually w/an incline of 5-8%, Eliptical set to level 6-8, depending on what I feel like.  I try to take 2 rest days a week, which are often days I travel.  When I trained for marathons, running was my sole source of cardio.

Beth working w/Brian Ankers, Ireland's elite winner of Connemara 100, 15:48:10.
Beth working w/Brian Ankers, Ireland’s elite winner of ’14 Connemara 100, 15:48:10.

Weight training is usually an hour long. I do a “gigantic” set and repeat twice for a total of three sets per body part. Upper body: I do 2 different exercises per each body part I’m working, 10-12 reps per exercise. Lower body: I do 20 reps of about 5 or 6 lower body exercises. For a warmup before weights ill usually do abdominal work on the incline board and/or “captain’s chair”. (Sometimes too, I will ride my bike to the gym). Captain’s chair workouts consist of 4 sets of 80. Incline board is usually set to highest incline for 30-40 reps per set.  I’ve incorporated 3 sets of 20 each side with the wood chop using a universal, and with a rope.

Ex. I’ll hit the captain’s chair for 80 reps of full legs raises/ knee ups with heels crossed at ankles. Then I’ll go right into weight training for first complete set working both upper & lower body.    Also, if I’m training for a distance race, such as a marathon or half marathon, I’ll cut weight training to less days per week and all other cardio is reduced, as well.

*Consult a doctor before beginning any fitness training plan.

Upper Body

I’ll do a set of incline sit-ups on incline board for 30-40 reps, a set of triceps push-ups and then go right into lower body.

Biceps: Hammer Curls, Alternating curls, Triceps: Pullldowns, Kickbacks, Triceps Extensions, Back:Dumbbell rows, Seated cable rows Shoulders: Front raises, Arnold Dumbbell Press

I’ll follow with lower body:

Lower Body

Adductor: 70 lbs., 20 reps, Abductor 70 lbs. 20 reps, Squats: 20 lbs. 20 reps, Stepups with kick (holding 8 lbs. in each hand), Straight leg deadlift, 10lbs. in each hand.  Plie Squats, 15 lbs., 20 reps.

I’ll repeat each “gigantic” set with a set of Triceps dips, incline situps and a set of 80 on the Captain’s chair and then repeat the entire set of weights.  If on the road traveling, I’ll use dumbbell weights if no machines are available and do cardio of whatever I can find in the gym or just go run in the city.  Internationally, I’ve frequented @BasicFitNL in Amsterdam, and @ImagineSpa in London.  In London, the spa is hooked up with the hotel, in Amsterdam it’s an 9 Euro day rate.  In Ireland, I’ll typically use the hotel gym, or attend a fitness class taught by elite runner, Brian Ankers.

If you have additional questions about weight training, contact Lindy Olsen internationally at : ,  Body Mechanic Lyn McClain Lichty on Facebook (located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida), Joyce Vedral, PhD on Facebook or Twitter @JoyceVedral.  For personal advice on running, contact elite runners and authors: Hal Higdon, (, Amby Burfoot (, Bart Yasso (, or Jeff Galloway (  If you’re an elite runner in Florida and want personal consult, best contact is Former Olympian Keith Brantly,,  (He’s best for those FL locals already fast “out the gate” & who are wanting to polish up race times for competition).