I’ve been reworking my fitness plan and consulting with one of Jacksonville’s best trainers, Lyn Lichty.  I’ve enjoyed her  advice.  It was a treat to meet Iris Davis in October of 2020.    She’s a competitor in her 70’s with experience in figure & fitness contests.with an inspirational story, and a “gung ho” spirit.  I consulted too, with Diana LaCerte on competitor dieting.

I’ve been incredibly challenged over the last few months with lockdowns.   I travel for a living as a flight attendant and really enjoy my international trips.   Certain destinations have put restrictions on gyms (with completely closing them), and as a crew member,  I’m required to stay in the hotel  in certain countries.   I abide by the changes & will be glad when we’re “done” with it.   I’m fully vaccinated.  Workouts have taken a bit of a “hit”, but I’m grateful for my job, and love it! I’ve worked around the changes as best as possible.

For fitness, I’m maintaining a 5-7 day a week schedule of cardio that consists of either using the elliptical, bike, running, walking or the stairmill.  I typically do one of these for 45 minutes.  Weight training has varied.  With lockdowns, I’m usually only able to maintain 2-3 days  of weight training a week.  At the same session, I try to do both upper & lower body weight training at the same time.  This takes a little  over an hour.  I hope to get back to a consistent 3 days a week.

Beth working w/Brian Ankers, Ireland's elite winner of Connemara 100, 15:48:10.
Beth working w/Brian Ankers, Ireland’s elite winner of ’14 Connemara 100, 15:48:10.

I”retired” marathons.  By this I mean I was never a pro athlete, and all 3 of my marathons were for fun, and definitely were just that. I’ve cut my mileage and usually only run 1 day a week, when I do a cardio session.

I ran all over the US doing 10K’s with a track team at my employer, and in addition,  ran my first NYC marathon while raising money for a child with Leukemia.(The next two marathons in ‘99 & ‘03 were also the @nycmarathon.). Now I like volunteering at the expo on marathon week.  My favorite job is race number pickup.  Being around the energy of the New Yorkers  is a blast, & chatting with runners from all over the world is still a blast, too.

I enjoy weight training & as I’ve gotten older, I’m trying to maintain as much muscle as possible, as I age.( I’ve been lifting weights since age 27, and want to keep muscle on my frame).  I do AB work 5-7 days a week, and upper body weight training exercises are 3 sets of 12 with varied weights.  Lower body is 3 sets of 20 with varied weights.  I’ll be working on a photo shoot in the early fall, and soon my ab training will be done on a daily basis.  I typically do 500 reps, and train upper, lower, and obliques on abdominal work.

Consult a doctor before beginning any fitness training.

If you have questions about weight training, contact Body Mechanic Lyn McClain Lichty on Facebook (she works at Bailey’s gym located  in Jacksonville Beach, Florida).  Lyn is one of the best trainers out there, with over 40 years of experience.

For personal advice on running, contact elite runners and authors: Hal Higdon, (, Amby Burfoot (,  or Jeff Galloway (  If you’re an elite runner in Florida & want personal consult, best contact is Former Olympian Keith Brantly.  Find him on LinkedIn.  Keith’s wife, Kim Pawelek won the Jacksonville marathon a few years back.

My best contact in the New York City area is Jordan Metzl, MD.   He’s done several Ironmans, & is an Orthopedic surgeon.  His contact website is  He runs a fitness community as well, in NYC.  He has traveled to Miami, AZ & Israel  working with his concept #IronStrength.