For fitness, I’m maintaining a 5-7 day a week schedule of cardio that consists of either using the elliptical, bike, walking (on incline, usually),  the stairmill & short distance running.  I typically do one of these forms of cardio for 45 minutes.  On occasion, I may bike ride outdoors for hours, recreationally.  I travel for a living, & bike riding is fun to do abroad.

Weight training has varied.   I aim for 2-3 days a week of weights & love it.  I like to work each body part with 2 exercises per body part for upper body, 4-6 exercises for lower body (3 sets).  

Years ago, ran all over the US doing 10K’s with a track team at my employer.  In addition,  ran my first NYC marathon while raising money for a child with Leukemia.(& the next 2 marathons in ‘99 & ‘03 were also the @nycmarathon.).  I had a blast!  I am grateful for all of the friendships I made whilst running.  I am no longer racing as much, but still keep in touch with friends I met at some races.

I volunteer & do short distance races on occasion,  but have taken my training to a different direction.  I’ve retired racing marathons & distance running, but train hard on other forms of cardio.    

i still do the, but mostly for socializing.  My PR in the GateRiverRun15K is 1:10, & those days are toast. I’m pictured below post-race with Herb Peyton, founder of Gate Petroleum.  Gate Petroleum is the title sponsor of the race.   It was in 2017, & I was having a great day. This race was 11 weeks after I had an epigastric hernia fixed, & I was thrilled I finished in the top 10%., chip time 1:23:08.  A day after the surgery,  I was in so much pain, I was afraid I’d made a mistake of even having surgery.   {If interested on reading my post-surgery recovery, click : }

I enjoy weight training & as I’ve gotten older, I’m trying to maintain as much muscle as possible, as I age.   With the added bonus of aging, it’s been less of a blast, but I’m grateful for all I can still do.  The senior ladies over 80 in a gym I frequent haven’t “thrown in the towel”.  I have no plans to, either.     I’ve been lifting weights since age 27 (prior to age 27, I just did cardio exercise).  I do AB work 5-7 days a week (I enjoy it).  My upper body weight training exercises are 3 sets of 12 with varied weights.  Lower body is 3 sets of 20 with varied weights.   I try to do 500 reps in ab work when I do it.

I try to work once a month with Lyn Lichty, a trainer at a local Gym in Jacksonville, FL.  I’ve known Lyn since I was a teenager in high school.  

Consult a doctor before beginning any fitness training.

For personal advice on running, contact elite runners and authors: Hal Higdon, (, Amby Burfoot (,  or Jeff Galloway (    

Pic attached below is myself with Amby Burfoot (‘68 winner of the Boston marathon), & George Hirsch (chairman of the New York Road Runners & co-founder of the NYC marathon). Amby’s wife, Cristina,  took the pic at the ‘18 Boston Marathon.  I went to Boston that year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amby’s win.  Runners ran Boston in ‘18 in some heinous weather.  I do not know how they did it.  It was colder than Alaska & the wind was brisk enough that even a polar bear might’ve asked for a coat.  

I attached the picture because a kid & I got to chatting in 1StPlaceSports, a Jacksonville running store (  This kid was enthusiastic & wanted to know what George & Amby looked like.  It was entertaining to see his enthusiasm.  He was probably 18 or 19, & intrigued that they both are  still running.  Find George & Amby at running events in NYC & CT.  They are lifelong friends.  

If you’re an elite runner in Florida & want personal consult, my best contact is Former Olympian , Keith Brantly.  Find him on LinkedIn.  Keith’s wife, Kim Pawelek,  won the Jacksonville marathon a few years back.

2015 My fitness magazine ”debut” in Oxygen Magazine AU.

For the above editorial, I answered a 75-100 question packet, & the editors wrote the copy. It was a very exciting time, & a privilege. The magazine folded just before covid. Lindy Olsen, their former editor-in-chief, is now running marketing (with a very hysterical video on the barbell cafe) for gyms in Australia.

Suffield STRONGCAMP 2021, copyrighted
Herb Peyton & I, post-race of the 2017 GateRun15K. Herb founded Gate Petroleum, the title sponsor of the race.
Amby Burfoot, Beth Adair, George Hirsch
1 sample exercise—Lat Pulldowns I try to get them in 2-3 days a week.
Dec 2021 Before i had to work that day, I dropped the Nov/Dec issue of Strong Fitness Magazine by the Wendy Williams show. i was on page 79 of that issue with friends. Wendy was in Miami recuperating from illness..