Is this your regular route?

I’m a career flight attendant, & very grateful to be employed in a job i love. I laugh everyday I go to work. Routes I work vary.

It’s hard to just pin-point 1 place interbationally, so Italy, Greece, South America, Israel, & Ireland are some of my favorites.

Domestically, I love Montana in the fall & Austin, TX. I used to run 6 mis. around Lady Bird lake in TX, & then go out for Tex-Mex when i went to Austin.

You just can’t beat Hawaii, either. One of the funnest layovers had in HI was taking a parasail 30 floors up over shark alley. I had a view of Diamond Head on my left, & Oahu straight ahead. Later on that same year I parasailed in Daytona Beach, FL.

The job isn’t all ”peaches & cream“. I worked plenty of holidays, and did trips as a brand new flight attendant (30+ years ago), that weren’t deemed ”a bed of roses”. I also worked a second job for 7 years to save a downpayment for my first condo.