In addition to my career as an international flight attendant, I enjoy print and promotional modeling.  I’m an Ambassador of the Gate River Run 15K,  something I’m proud of and do free o’charge.  It’s a fun course that’s a blast to walk, too.    It has a post-race of around 120 kegs of @miller beer.  If you would like information on how to sponsor with the race, please contact Doug Alred, email:

In print, I was featured in a two page spread in Oxygen Magazine Australia, issue 78.   Getting in a reputable international fitness magazine was the hardest goal to ever accomplish, ever. 

Also,  I did get to work with Paul Buceta ( in 2019.  It was a highly coveted goal and though I was not published, who cares, it was still fun!    

I enjoyed the shoot and am working towards other goals in a bikini fitness competion for ladies over 50.   I’ve never done any nude modeling (and no slight to anyone that has), as I would have been fired by my employer with my flight attendant career.  This was made clear to me when I was hired as my interviewer knew I modeled on occasion).

If you have ideas for a photo shoot, article or questions about a job, please contact my agent:

I’m represented by Vicki Foley of Foley Talent.  Her email contact is   Love to work with ya:-)

Have a nice day and remember to work hard, and laugh harder:-).

Photo credit/Sarah Lyons, Picturegroove, 2014