In addition to my career as an international flight attendant, I enjoy print, commercial and promotional modeling.  I am creative with suggestions, and if you need representation over 50, please contact my agent, Vicki Foley (

I’m one of the Ambassadors for the Gate River Run 15K,  It’s the Nations largest 15K.  It has a fun post race party.   If you would like information on how to sponsor with the race, please contact Doug Alred, email: doug@1stplacesports.  I am volunteering at the ’21 Boston Marathon on behalf of my hometown in October.  It will be a treat to be around all the elite runners, and I know I’ll leave motivated to work harder on my own projects in Florida.

If you have ideas for a photo shoot, article or questions about a job, please contact my agent. 

Have a nice day and remember to work hard, and laugh harder:-).

Photo credit/Sarah Lyons, Picturegroove, 2014