Thank you for checking out my website.  It is not for profit, & intended to be used as a blog site.  I like to occasionally write on my latest escapade, fitness venture, or charity function I’ve attended or worked on volunteer.  

I’m no longer connected to any social media platform, & have no plans to return.  I severed ties & shut down every platform  after a heinous hack.   

The next fitness event I’m planning to attend is:

Strong Fitness Magazine’s STRONGCAMP in Suffield, CT.  Click to register.   Event is on September 24-25th weekend.  I bought a plane ticket online, & hotel details are at the link, as well.   I’m looking forward to seeing friends from last year. 


Wishing you happy times, lotsa laughs & a positive cash flow.  Remember, YOU are FABULOUS:-)


Photo credit Paul Buceta, Copyrighted, all rights reserved

Weights by Gronk Fitness (

Spray Tan by : (Color in dark clear done 2-3 days prior to photo shoot). product used under top garment. The product is found online or at lingerie shops nationwide.