FNXfit brings in Beth Adair

It’s my pleasure to announce I’ll be working with FNXFit.com as a brand ambassador. It will be a blast to promote the product line in Florida. I was so happy they needed a girl over 50 to represent them.

The products are all made in the USA, are WADA & GMP compliant. Each time you buy a product, a gallon of water is donated to a village. WADA is the acronym for World Anti-doping agency. GMP is the acronym for good manufacturing practice. The village that FNXfit donates water to is located in Africa. Two days before interviewing with FNXfit, I had weight trained in a gym in Accra on a layover. On my next visit there, I’ll check out a village. (The trip was a last minute reassignment & I would like to donate clothes on my next visit. I didn’t have anything to donate on the first trip there).

When I was interviewing for the position as brand ambassador, my questions were mainly on where the product was made & distributed, and whether the product contained illegal chemicals. Anyone who knows fitness training understands the need to maintain muscle mass in any sport, and in my job as a flight attendant I’m randomly drug tested. I will never ingest anything that will get me fired for failing a drug test.

The products are distributed from Salt Lake City, & my favorite product, thus far, is the ‘Refuel Whey Protein’ which sells for 59.99, has 115 calories, & 22 protein grams. The 4 flavors are Mint Chocolate truffle, Vanilla Milkshake, Chocolate Malt & Peanut Butter Cup. Free shipping in the USA for bundles totaling 125.00.

Consult your doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins as it’s always a good idea in case you’re on medication. Some medications will not work when taking vitamins or supplements.

I am registered for the SAFCompetitions.com in Canada in the fall. I will be using FBXfit supplements in my training for my first ever bikini model/fitness contest. I’ve trained on a 4-6 month plan doing marathons, likely the hardest part to the bikini contest will be the competition style diet. I’ll enjoy it, as more positive gains will be had with a regimented training & tighter diet.

I hope all of your projects are rolling well, & you have a positive cash flow. I’ve often joked during this pandemic, “happiness is a positive cash flow”, and hoping all of my friends & followers are getting great gains.

@bethadair13, Twitter & Instagram




Motto: Natural Hair Solutions for a healthy life style

Shampoos and conditioners, there are so many. It’s something that we use everyday, and what makes this one so special? It’s a product that’s paraben-free, alcohol-free, PEG-free, sulfate-free & fragrance free.

Key ingredients in Jumam hair products are: Nettle, Basil, Rosemary, Watercress, Culantrillo, Avocado Oil, Macademia Oil & MACA. All of these organic extracts are harvested in the mountains of the South American Andes, (average altitude of 2,500 meters = 8,202 feet). Extracts are from the Andes, where climatological/weather conditions in the high Andes (and in the Amazon region) and offer a very fertile, & rich soil filled with minerals, (not available in other parts of the world). As a result, these selected plant extracts contain a high concentration of vitamins, nutrients, & antioxidants. The vitamins are : A, B, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, & K. The minerals in the product are: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulphur, folic acid, protein, & phosphorus. Other trace natural elements include manganese, iron, zinc, copper & selenium.

All of the ingredients in all four formulations have been researched,, tested & designed in cooperation with the Laboratory JUMAM of Lima, Peru, & using the data base of the Environmental Work Group based in Seattle, WA. (www.ewg.org/skindeep). I have color treated hair, and have enjoyed having a product that is “putting oil back into my hair”. For long hair, you will need the size of a quarter for the shampoo & conditioner. For short hair, about the size of a dime for shampoo and a varied amount for conditioner.

I’ve been extremely happy with the products. I purchased all four products, with shampoo priced between euro 10,99- euro 14,99, and can be found online at Dutch website www.Jumam.NL or if you live in the Netherlands, on drugstore shelves at Da Drogist (@dadrogist on Instagram).

I’ve only been using the products for less than a month, but can already see a shine in my hair. You’ll love the product!

#HerbalHairCareProducts #DutchHerbalHairCare #ParabenFreeHairProducts #AlcoholFreeShampoo #fragranceFreeHairProduct #NettleBasilRosemaryShampoo #WatercressCulantrilloAvocadoOilHairCare #MacadamiaOilMACAHairCare #PeruvianHairProduct

Product Founder Gustavo (Gus) Seminario, find him on LinkedIn.


Iris Davis

It was a clear day with a full moon to follow in Orlando, Florida on Halloween. I took a drive down from Jacksonville to meet Iris Davis. Iris is a 76 year old bodybuilding competitor. The #MidFloridaClassic was being held at the Rosen Hotel & Conference center.

Iris & I crossed paths on social media sometime within the last few months. I was inspired by her energy & enthusiasm. My Dad lives in South Carolina, as well as Iris, and I’m guessing that’s why the algorithms worked as they did when I was on social media during one visit there. During the onset of Covid, I was in SC every weekend from Florida seeing family.

Iris is a native of Dublin, Ireland. She was working at a young age of 14 there, in a sewing factory making 1.50 a week. She married at age 17, & later gave birth at age 18. Tragically, her 1st baby died at the age of 2 months of SIDS, (Sudden Infant death syndrome). Her husband was a Trinity college grad, & after the death of their child they moved to the U.K..

She started walking to combat depression & took up lifting weights at age 22. In the U.K. there were no gyms, & only men worked out with weights. Iris started mirroring their workout routines, & now jokes that back then no one (including the men) really knew what they were doing. Nothing was structured into reps or sets, you just showed up at a pit to train.

Her first husband passed away at a young age and Iris moved to the United States from the United Kingdom and became a nanny. It was a job she enjoyed & she moved to California. Most anyone will tell you California is one of the havens of fitness in the US.

Fast forward to age 39 where she would meet her husband Bob in California. He was 23 then. Iris moved back to the U.K. at age 40, and Bob couldn’t stand her absence & flew over to the U.K. to be near Iris. They would later marry and relocate back to California & have been married over 36 years. They now reside in South Carolina.

In California, Iris did a number of things in fitness from walking, lifting weights to running. At age 47, she was bedridden with encephalitis for 2 years. Can you imagine? She emerged stronger than ever, & hit the gym even harder. Why train so hard and stay so dedicated? Iris said she does this to combat depression & uses fitness as her medication. There’s no stigma with needing any medication or counseling, Iris just prefers to train & motivate clients & said that keeps depression away.

In 1994, at age 50, she entered her first bodybuilding competition & placed 2nd. Iris uses no supplements, takes no steroids or body enhancing substances & is all natural. She doesn’t count macros, calories, fat grams or protein grams. Her diet consists of a clean variety of mostly the following items : cabbage, broccoli, sweet potatoes & chicken. She said when she’s being strict, she’ll take all of those ingredients combined, make an enormous portion with a chicken, and eat it everyday. (This reminded me of the late Robert Kennedy, who was a Canadian fitness pioneer that once wrote an editorial on sticking to 7 essential foods when eating clean. Oh how I miss his funny editorials in Oxygen Magazine. Bob’s widow Tosca Reno is still a writer & puts out books on the subject, as well.

For contest prep, there are no cheat meals for Iris. She starts 9 weeks from contest date, eats a solely clean diet & consumes only water. For the #MidFloridaClassic, she started 9 weeks out at 109 pounds, lost a pound a week and weighed in on contest day at 100 lbs.. Iris is 5’1”.

Like many a retired pro athlete, Iris loves to train & does so to the tune of 3-4 hours a day. This includes weight training & cardio, and she runs a personal training studio out of her house & will train along with her clients. This isn’t uncommon, as many retired pro athletes or retirees at Lodgemember.com will train this hard as well. What is unique with Iris is at 76 she does it with a crystal clean diet. Iris mentioned she does high reps and lower weights to stay lean.

She said she was entered in women aged over 40, 50 & 70 in bodybuilding, and only knew those poses. For categories in figure, bikini or wellness, she said she’s unfamiliar with most poses.

I did a quick video before the contest & took a few pictures. While in the lobby, we were greeted by radio personality Lisa Vasquez who came up from St. Petersburg, Florida to interview Iris.

Such an inspiration, & worth the drive to meet her. I laughed more than once at her antics, and look forward to reading about what Iris’ next adventure will be.


Lucas Hugh Performance Tights

a critique by Beth Adair

The Lucas Hugh performance tights are fabulous. I was recently in London on a work trip with my job as a flight attendant & went by the Lucas Hugh store located off of Sloan Square.  Crew is exempt from quarantines.  I wore a mask around town & have regular temperature screenings prior to signin with my job. 

If you can’t get to London, you can find their clothing online at www.LucasHugh.com, at the flagship store in Kensington, or in Harrod’s. The brand was on recommendation from the marketer at Equinox in Kensington.  

I was looking for a pair of solid colored dark tights, preferably in Navy or black. I’m pretty active and like for my clothes to fit well and I look for fabrics that are washable, by machine or hand wash.

The performance V2 leggings are fabulous. They have a waist band that will stay in place, as well as a zippered pocket on the back of the waist band that is about 3″ X 3″ wide. There are breathable fabrics located on the back of the knees, too. This is especially nice as I live in Florida and sweat a good bit.

Both the performance tights and top are made of 59% Polyhamide and 41% Elastane, made in Portugal & specify not to dry clean or tumble dry. Machine wash in cold water only and line dry immediately after wash.

I’m training for my first bikini model contest located in Canada in October. The event is with the SAFCompetitions.com. Maybe the directors there in Canada might like an invite to any fitness events in London.  

Picture shows me outside of the store.  A passerby took the picture.  I was there a tad late to shop at the flagship store, so I went down to Harrod’s .  I needed to get gift chocolates there anyway.




That Was Then This is Now

Hotel gym workout

Recently, my hysterical friend Contessa sent me a picture from a bridal shower in 1994. I can’ t say that I was thrilled to see how big I used to be. I think I weighed 169 at my highest weight, & though I used to hear “you carry your weight so well”, I wasn’t happy at that size.  (Look for the picture at the end of this article).

I was hired as a US flight attendant with a max weight to be 132. (This was back in ’92, when there was weight requirement.  (Weight restrictions ended in mid-1992).  I still try and keep my weight at, or just below that number.

I never felt “food shamed” when my paternal grandmother asked why I was eating so much. I had the appetite of a starved wolverine.  No woman needed to be eating half a bag of oreos, along with fried chicken & steaks.   It was just sometimes fun, & that is all.  The “how” I looked & felt later, was not as fun though.

Back in my heavier days, my grandmother would give a non-filtered response to any weight gain, too. For example, “hi honey, good to see you. You’ve gained a little weight didn’t you?” It’s interesting to me, as my maternal great-grandmother would usually say,  “you’re not trying to reduce, are you?”. So funny to me now, & there were always laughs in the Adair household. They are both now deceased. but these were good looking women who both lived to be over 90, & maintained a healthy weight.  I get more “critical analysis” of what I am eating now, (at a size 2),  than I did at a size 12.   My family is unique though, as my Dad no longer works out & hung up fitness in his mid-forties.  I was not happy about this, but you’re only 100% in control of yourself.

I still love eat.  It’s no secret. I’m constantly reworking training & nutrition. Ask any of my friends at work & they’ll likely tell ya I swiped a dessert on occasion, or an uneaten roll turned up missing from the oven at work (on an international flight).  A healthy weight range for a woman with a small frame is 125-135, (say some insurance tables) for my height. Consult your doctor for the best advice for you.  I’m usually pretty strict when training for anything specific.

I’m at the onset of menopause, which I’m finding a challenge to keep my abs flatter. Do you have the same issue? My senior lady friends in one gym I frequent, the Lodge gym (lodgemember.com,  will give an unfiltered response to any questions I have on this by saying, “You can keep flat abs, but as you age, you simply cannot eat as much starch as you might have when you were younger”. (Said a 75 year old lady who does the stairmill at level 7 for 30 minutes, lifts weights, & maintains a size 2.  She enjoys wine sparingly,  and eats a healthy diet).   It’s fun to be around all ages,  At the other gym, Bailey’s (baileysgym.com).  I enjoy seeing the younger crowd tear it up in the weight room.

During the onset of the  Covid outbreak, gyms shutdown after March.  I was “floundering” around more than usual after this.  Quarantines  were not a blast & I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone this.   When you travel, every country will have it’s own rules, which change a good bit.   Riding my bike for 17 miles a day around home back then was nice, but I still missed the time in the weight room .   Once when seeing family in SC, I was at Planet Fitness (after gyms reopened), & chatted with a man that told me he drove 3 hours from NC just to workout, as gyms there were still closed.   I’ve tested negative both for the Covid several times but follow mask rules for each state & country.  

I did get a little weight gain from what I call, “Covid floundering”,  (and by this I mean too many hours of TV watching #90DayFiance),  as opposed to being out and about.  I lost the weight & I’m enjoying the contest prep for an Ottawa bikini model contest.  If I get last place, who cares..  I’ll still show up in better shape than I was last spring. I’ve had a lot of fun, too. I’m calling the “SAF” competitions “serious about fun”, (with no disrespect to the coordinators who coined the acronym “Serious about Fitness”).

I’m hoping my “before” picture might help someone struggling with weight. I’m not posting it on here because I love it. I’m posting it for those who struggle & aren’t happy.  Maybe it will motivate or help someone.  My hair was darker then.  I lightened it as I started getting grey hairs.   It was taken 25 or more years ago.

My best advice if you are trying to get started on your weight loss journey, is go to a consignment shop or find clothes on sale.  Buy one outfit that looks good on you now.  Then give it away when you lose weight.  Record everything you eat in the beginning.  It will make you more accountable.  Don’t wait to “buy clothes when I lose the weight”.  It will give you something to look forward to when you’ve reached a short term goal.  I also used to donate clothes I no longer wear (and still do),  on occasion.  The holidays are always a challenge, too.  I usually deal with a 5 lb. gain and say I’ll never do it again, and am challenged each year with how to keep it off.  I inherited my Dad’s genes, and I fight them everyday.

I hope you reach all of your goals, 2021 is on the horizon and it will be better year for sure.  I’ve enjoyed things returning to a more normal pace, that’s for sure.  



Had I stayed on the same path, I likely would’ve developed Type II Diabetes.

Your Health: Today and Every Day

guest article by: Jennifer McGregor

Summer is in full swing, and it’s the time of year when people suddenly begin to pay particular attention to their bodies. From heading to the tanning bed to crash dieting, we tend to get a little overzealous when it comes to our physical appearance come summer. The truth is, it is always in our best interest to stay on top of our health no matter the season. Doing so not only increases your lifespan but also ensures you look your best during the time of year when swimsuits are the outfit of choice.

Go to bed on time

It’s only natural to want to adjust your schedule to follow the sun. But you should still strive to get at least seven hours (minimum!) of sleep each night all year long. Many experts assert that sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It is essentially your body’s time to reboot and repair all of the wear and tear you’ve experienced that day.

Don’t give up on vacation

If you don’t have a vacation planned, you should. Spending time with family is great for your mental health, and taking a break from work can actually help you return more prepared to tackle any issues that you’ve been struggling with. But, this is not the time to break the healthy habits you already have in place. 

One way to stay on track is to book a private vacation rental. This will give you a chance to cook your own meals and have better access to fitness and recreational opportunities (just be sure to book your stay accordingly).

Eat breakfast

According to Popular Science, the jury is out on when you should eat breakfast. However, the fact that you should eat a balanced meal to break your overnight fast is not up for debate. Pay close attention to your schedule and make a point to plan your dining habits in a way that best suit your personal needs and preferences. Keep in mind that if you are diabetic or need to manage your weight, breakfast should be your largest meal of the day.

Learn to relax

Summer tends to be all go and no slow, but being constantly on the move isn’t always in your best interest. Let yourself wind down every now and then. Spend a day each week lounging by the pool or, better yet, on the massage table. An hour of therapeutic massage can boost your mood, relieve muscle soreness, and even kick your immune system into high gear. A massage is the perfect gift for yourself. 


While you do need to relax, you also need to move with purpose. But, you don’t have to hit the gym for hours each day to make physical activity a habit. Although your body expends energy even when you’re at rest, it’s much more efficient at burning calories when you are not. But even more important than burning calories, physical activity is good for your heart, lungs, and brain. When you move, you strengthen yourself from the inside out, which is important if you plan to live a long and healthy life

Plan to do something each day that gets your heart rate up. This could be dancing, playing with the kids, or even cleaning your house. If none of those activities pique your interests, NerdFitness.com has 40 more ideas that might. Even less strenuous activities, such as yoga, have many health benefits. As an added bonus, yoga can help you relax and destress, which will have an amazing effect on your overall mental wellness.

Protect Your Mental Health

Believe it or not, your mental health has a significant impact on your physical health. And for overall wellness, your mental health should also be a priority. This is where self-care comes in. While the points listed above all count as self-care methods, there are other ways to ensure you get the care you need inside and out. This can be in the form of meditating, journaling, practicing yoga or working on your spiritual health. From an external perspective, self-care can include removing negative energy from your home, keeping your living space clean and uncluttered, and surrounding yourself with decor and lighting that makes your home a serene environment. 

In general, the point is that a knee-jerk reaction to summer is not what you need. If you want to be truly healthy, you have to make yourself a priority the entire year, and recommit to yourself every morning. So get a good night’s sleep, eat well, exercise and practice self-care.


Bikini Contest Posing Class

by Beth Adair

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 9D3FD1F9-3398-4BBB-86A7-AE8F31404F11.jpeg
Ever take on a fun new project, & later wonder if you just bit off more than you can chew? I’m no novice to plunging in “headfirst” to new projects, but today I did get a tad uneasy with walking in and taking my first posing class.

My latest project on the “front burner” is my fall bikini model contest. Today I signed up with a posing coach, Steve Mousharbash who runs TeamFlawlessPhysique.com.

I have the training started, as when the gyms were back open, I got back to a weight room. I have been consulting once a week with my trainer, Lyn Lichty, for a few weeks now, and doing other training on my own.   It’s “time to get serious” & start addressing other aspects of the contest. After chatting with a few competitors up in New Jersey, I realized I needed to get some help with learning how to pose.

Learning how to pose isn’t easy. Boy is that an understatement. Today we spent an hour going over a few moves for foot, arm and hand placement. We slightly touched on stage walking, but Steve emphasized other posing first, and we’ll fool with learning the other parts later. Once I’ve mastered this, I’ll move to the whole set of movements. All the while I was there, a sweet girl, Britni, would take a few pictures and a video for me to use to practice.

I’m not in contest shape as of yet, but motivated to work harder and it’s time to “clean it up” with my diet.  I’ve been running “half throttle”, but I’m less intimidated after today. On Sunday, I’ll be 16 weeks out, and better prepared.  I’ll spend Saturday morning doing food prep. I only need to cut 5-6 lbs..  Once I’m better at posing, I’ll share a video.  Today’s photo is a flash screen from the video, & I’m over to the side, while Steve demonstrated.  We blamed my 6 lb. overage on “covid”, as it just seemed appropriate.  This of course, brought a lot of laughs.

Funnest part to the meeting today was that Steve had met Paul Buceta. I had worked with Paul up in Canada and realizing how small the fitness world is, Steve, Britni and I all chatted on NPC, World’s and IFBB. We had a lot of laughs. They had the same enthusiasm as Paul and his wife, Kim.

I hope all of your projects are fun, and if you take on a huge one, sometimes diving in “headfirst” is best. The unknown can be less fearful the sooner you delve into where your weaknesses lie. It’s like running your first marathon in a race known for hills or strong winds, getting your class syllabus, or taking a new job and not fully understanding all of the duties.  You’ll still be getting through each day with resilience and resolving to make each day better than the last.

My new project will be a fun focus for 4 months. Make each one of yours fun, too.

@bethadair13 Insta & Twitter


Strength in your Fifties

by Beth Adair

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 555E51F7-B9A8-428D-B0D3-FB0BE5B55378.jpeg

Just the other week I was chatting with a follower on 1 of my social feeds. We were discussing fitness training and how hard it can be to stay fit as we age. I appreciate all of my followers, and comments from men over 50 always keep me entertained. The most hysterical response I got from one man over age 50 was this, “I don’t have a bikini to motivate me aesthetically, but I still care how I look with my shirt off & I don’t ever want to have that old man gut”. This Dad of two college aged kids would also add that, “I watched how my parents aged and atrophied, so that has shaped my approach”.

What he’s referring to is sarcopenia. What’s sarcopenia? It’s the decline in muscle mass as you age. According to Harvard Health, “after age 30, you begin to lose as much as 3% to 5% [muscle mass] per decade. Most men will lose about 30% of their muscle mass during their lifetimes.”

To combat this, weight training of 2 days per week, and not on consecutive days is what is recommended.   I have chatted with trainers, and weight lifters that will lift different body parts, and do so daily.  For example, they will train with weights solely for the biceps, and follow up with cardio.  The next day, they will train solely the triceps, and follow with cardio.  (I have not tried their approach as of yet).

In my own fitness training, I lift weights 2- 3 days a week and space out each weight training session to one day of rest from the weight room in between.  I try and manage 5 days of cardio for 45 minutes per week, in addition to my weight training.   Running, bike riding, eliptical, stair mill, or walking are my favorite forms of cardio.   I just love bike riding (and sometimes will ride longer than 45 minutes).  It’s my new hobby and buying a bike before Covid lockdown (a Mango beach bike with 8 gears and hand brakes) was the best money I spent thus far this year.

I travel for a living, and with the Covid situation, I’ve been challenged with how to fit my training in.   Grounded on leave for two months from my flight attendant job (a decision I took for many reasons with the main one being that most European routes weren’t active till July) provided challenges.   My beach club (where I also go for fitness),  has an hour restriction in the gym (to limit the number of guests per hour).   I’m grateful we have access at all, as when I was in SC seeing family, I met a man that had driven from NC just to workout (it was a 2 hour drive for him).

I joined a second gym for the advice of a trainer, Lyn Lichty, and see her once a week.  I have known Lyn since before she had her kids.  Once there is a Covid vaccine, I’ll make decisions on whether to keep both memberships.   I’m not thrilled at the amenities being removed at my beach club and if none of them return, I’m not sure I’ll stay.   I did enjoy the complimentary coffee, razors and lotions before Covid.  It made my life easy and coffee was a treat.

When I get back to flying in July, I’ll be challenged with how to fit in training on the road.  Simply put, though I have foreign gym contacts, some machines will not be available.  For example, the captains chair (also known as the Vertical knee raise machine) is not found in many gyms abroad, nor is the leg press machine.  I just try and work with what I find.  I’m excited for the Safcompetitions.com in October, my latest project and when I have finished the competition, I’ll still want to maintain my fitness.  Essentially, what has changed from my old methods to what I am doing now is in the diet.    I’ve added more protein, and cut a lot of excess carbs.  I still stay within a range of calories not to exceed 2,000 a day.

Most of my male followers have complained about “man boobs” and asked how to combat this.  My best advice is more chest work with weights, and an adjustment in the diet.  Chest Flyes, chest press, incline dumbbell press, etc., will all work the chest area and support muscle growth there.  Contact your local gym for a good recommendation from a trainer if you are a novice to weight training.  Do this after you’ve gotten clearance from your doctor.   To prevent injury, don’t try to lift too much weight too soon.   To see any results, you’ll need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight at minimum.  Go online to find a health calculator to help you figure out your daily caloric needs, and be honest with yourself.  If you are leading a sedentary life, don’t weasel a day or two in the mix to suggest that you are active two days a week by rationalizing that walking to the mailbox is exercise.  Most women need 1800-2200 calories a day for maintenance.  I’ve met marathon runners who run 130 miles a week who can’t keep weight on with that calorie amount and will add more calories to maintain their weight.  Bill Phillips is over 50 and working out in CO with his wife Maria.  He’s a great motivator and trainer with years of knowledge.  If you are a man over 50 wanting advice, email bill@transformation.com  or seek him out on Facebook.

With any fitness or change in your diet, consult a doctor.  Most MD’s stay fit and workout, as well.  I’ve had the same gynecologist for the last 19 years. He knows my health, fitness and vitamin history and makes recommendations on what to add or what is now recommended with vitamins.   His wife was who referred me to him as she knew my activity level.   I take a lot of vitamins for immunity, and recommend that you take them so long as you are not on any medication and you consult a doctor.  (It’s good to consult with a doctor, as some medications interact with vitamins and can cause harm).  Luckily, I’ve avoided medications thus far.

The younger you are, the quicker you’ll see results from weight training. If you are new to it,  it’s not too late.   I’ve met women in their 70’s who started late in their fifties and are now stronger than most millenials.

@bethadair13, Twitter and Insta

Weights by Gronk Fitness —

Hair and Makeup with Renee

by Beth Adair

A talented makeup artist can make all the difference in the world to your next head shot or photo shoot.  I wanted to get a few shots in fairly “natural looking” makeup, for a “business look”, & that would also show up in pictures.  In Jacksonville, Renee Parenteau (@ReneeParenteau) is a fabulous contact.

I had first met Renee when working on a photo shoot with the late Paul Figura back in 2011.  Paul was locally known, well liked, & had worked with the @Jaguars.  He had accounts out-of-state with goals in commercial work. In 2011, I was eagerly trying to get the attention of the @Runnersworld magazine staff & wanted unedited shots to send to them.   (In hopes of getting picked up on a potential project, later on). Paul came highly recommended by Chris Condon, a friend from high school, & photographer for the PGA tour.

It was an incredible gift, as I worked with Paul free on spec.  Sometimes you won’t know where or why you’ll get such nice favors, but I am always grateful.

I didn’t even have to explain to Renee what I was looking for, a “sport” look as she already knew & had already done work out in Los Angeles.  I showed at her studio before the crack of dawn, so we could be Paul’s studio by 7 am.  I had always been trained in college to show with clean hair and no makeup on, so that’s how I arrived.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is B4B04B5E-3F49-41D1-91B7-EE2B386DBA7B.jpeg

The look was perfect.  A natural “sporty look”, & using mostly muted shades, with lash extensions.  On any given day at the gym, you will find me with mascara or lipstick.  I’ve been known to show at marathons with a full face of makeup (something not always understood by other runners).
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 383C99EC-5BE9-4CE8-A014-5D8CBDB0BB3E.jpeg

Years later, I’d cross paths with Renee again, and she was just as fun to work with.  Her studio had transitioned to both makeup and still shot photography.  I needed a few head shot looks for my professional profile.   I got some in a suit, and a “housewife look” in a denim shirt.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is EDB9B680-8771-439D-BEB2-7D988D78188F.jpeg

My agent and I met later that month and we reviewed pictures.  She commented that Renee did great work.   I hope if your travels bring you to Jacksonville, you’ll add Renee to your list of contacts for make up.

Renee works in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  Contact her at reneeparenteau.com

muycerdas milfster

@bethadair13, Instagram & Twitter


Thoughts from the Paw

by Beth Adair

So why a bikini fitness contest, or anything of the sort at 50+? Because it’s a positive focus. In a nutshell, that’s why I’ve got the wheels in motion to do one.

Over the course of the last several years, I’ve met so many who have competed, & most have talked so positively about it. Usually any negative comments have come from athletes that are just plain burned out on it, & have succeeded in their fitness goals. Whether it’s getting published, growing their brands, or increasing their clientele in training, they all did something of the sort.

I first heard about bikini fitness contests from one of the fitness magazines I’ve read & noticed the information about the SAFCompetitions.com in a recent Strong Fitness Magazine. I’m no stranger to a gym, & a vast majority of my “athletic career” has been in running. No, I’m not a pro athlete, yes I love to eat,  & yes I typically surround myself with upbeat people.  No matter where I’ve traveled, I always manage to come in contact with people in the fitness world. Was I ever published? Once, in the very fabulous , Oxygen Magazine AU, in 2015.   I hope to get to Australia someday, as the people I’ve met online from there are so incredibly nice

Through the course of this pandemic, I’ve seen more of  family, cleaned house constantly,  volunteered, &  all of which I’ve enjoyed. I did take a voluntary leave of absence for 2 mos. & it taught me I’m not ready to retire for another 10 years. I enjoy my job too much, & I enjoy my side projects in fitness or modeling, too. I do a lot of things free on gratis, like helping international contacts, or helping a novice.  I’m grateful to still have the energy and “gung ho” to do it.

For the contest, I’m unsure which category I’ll be entering, & will enter closer to the date. I noticed you get marked down on one category for being too ripped or vascular. I don’t care so much if I place, as this is my first competition, and I have so much to learn. My cardio will have to be cut at some point as with the pandemic, I’ve taken to daily 17 mile bike rides which usually take 85 minutes or so. I’ve really enjoyed it. Cardio training needs to be capped at 45 minutes a session, from what I’ve read. My weight training took a hit too, with the gym being closed, I lifted less and can tell in how I look (less toned).  I put on 7 pounds since January & that’ll need to come off, too. To get rolling again, I got a few books to change my training and contacted Lyn Lichty, a radical trainer I knew as a kid.  I’ve worked 1 session a week in the budget, and will do the rest solo. She’s tough!

What’s your next goal? Are you surrounding yourself with positive things? If your job is gone or money is tight, do you have a plan for the future? Will you look back on your life in 15 years and say, “man, I really kicked some butt that year”?  Whatever your case, don’t give up and don’t allow any  back logs with bills stress you out. The worse is behind us, and it’s time to focus on recovery and keep vigilant about staying healthy and getting a positive cash flow. The bills will still get paid, albeit some sooner than others, & just keep positive. I’ve met landlords cutting slack to those affected and have seen such kindness in other areas.  For my own general well being, I’ve cut out a few toxic people in my life (by this I mean, not toxic to others, but toxic for me), taken to listening to upbeat music, & re-read a few chapters in the book “The Psychology of Winning”, by Denis Waitly.

Stay focused on your own path.  Work hard, laugh harder, and remember, I’m always laughing with ya.

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