Tailgate With Tony

I first got word about the tailgate event from Angi Boselli. I ran into her at the nail salon at the beach back in October. We started chatting and it was great to see her as the last time I had was a fashion show event she had coordinated with Danielle Brehm back in 2017. Still as gorgeous as ever, and was excited to tell me about what her kids were into, and the latest at the foundation. Probably the weirdest thing was that about 30 minutes before I saw Angi, I had emailed the foundation site looking for news or ideas for new events.

Event proceeds are all put back into the Jacksonville community to help kids. With this particular event, Tony mentioned that a program was created to help teens and young adults transition from detention centers. I’m glad that there are programs to help youth nowadays. Some kids may not have guidance. The retired athletes in our community want to help kids and young adults stay out of trouble, and move forward with a productive life.

I left the beach on Sunday for the event around 9. I know the lady at the church I attend must’ve thought I was a crazy bird by pulling into the parking lot of PVPC to drop off a check for the food pantry only to leave without attending service. I was in leopard tights and a t-shirt, not my normal business suit or dress attire for church, and I knew I wasn’t staying for church, but still wanted to drop money off for the Thanksgiving mission work. The church I am a member of wouldn’t have cared what I wore, but I didn’t want to be late for the tailgate, and couldn’t do both church and football, so I told them I’d see them soon. The church has sermons available on YouTube, if you’re interested.

The day couldn’t have been better for sunny skies or temps. It was a perfect day, where the whole week it had been raining. I had my scan code to enter the event. There were two sides, VIP and general. Both sides were very well catered with a friendly staff and all excited to be there. A vast variety of soft drinks, beers, water, cakes and cookies from Cinotti’s, and chicken from Bono’s. The food was all fabulous.

Angi got on stage and introduced some singers and performers, and said how happy she was to see everyone there. She mentioned too, that all the money the foundation raised went back into Jacksonville.

In between songs and chatting with my table mates at the picnic table, I went by the booth at 904Photo. It was great to chat, and they snapped a pic. I did their scan code with a 5.00 donation to get my pic. Others were standing with their kids, some had fun outfits on, and others were fully decked in Jaguars attire.

I opted to wear my leopard style tights by Rogiani. Elisabetta Rogiani is an Italian couture fitness clothing designer in Los Angeles. I sent her my measurements for the tights, and ordered the black top to match. (If you want to order any color, check out rogiani.com, and you can custom make your own pair. Use code “BethAdair” in the coupon box for 15% off, including sale items.). I met Elisabetta 10+ years ago through another “fit model” out west. Elisabetta works with a lot of magazines and even if you aren’t doing a photo shoot, she’s still great with advice. In the fitness world, she’s an asset. If you do fitness, figure or bikini fitness contests, & is your lady for getting a photo shoot wardrobe. I’m not ready to compete, but have hit the weight room for nearly 30 years. Maybe later I’ll compete.

Probably the funnest thing about the Boselli event was that Tony, and his former teammates, chatted on their days of being in the Jaguars locker room. The guys all congratulated Tony on his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame, and they agreed Fred Taylor should be next. I agree, as I do remember Fred had pulled his hamstrings but still showed up to play. He still did completions on the field. Back then, I was married to a man with 3 sons & a daughter who were athletic and all enthusiastic about football. They could tell you where most players started, who draft picks were and where they were going in the pros. We all used to get frustrated at the Jags offensive line when Brunnell was QB, as he kept getting sacked one year. Given in ‘03 I had pulled my hamstrings doing speed work on a treadmill, I knew what pulled hamstring pain felt like. It was like fire on the back of your legs, that slowed your pace down against the wishes of what your mind wanted to do. Sheer frustration at its best. I even told my stepson Anthony (in ‘03) that I may have to pull out of the marathon and his response was, “no, just tape up your legs”. So entertaining , & this was coming from a young 20 something PA native who was enthusiastic about Penn State, the Jaguars, & he himself regularly hit the gym doing his own fitness plan of sometimes doing 1,000 ab reps, or using an ab roller, various other weight routines, bench pressing over 250 lbs with a goal of 300. Sympathy level from kids and most fans back then was probably “just tape it up”, and back then, Fred was still “showing up”.

I remember I wasn’t happy seeing Taylor go up to New England, and given they already had Moss, I knew they’d have a good team. I knew it would be a good year for the Pats. Oh those days, of Moss & Owens and their constant debates, you just had to love it. One thing too about Owens, he was a receiver that could “grab and pull”, and go. What I mean by “grab and pull” is if the ball was almost out of reach, he’d somehow put his hands on the ball, and pull it in. It’s why I get frustrated if a pass is within receivers reach and gets dropped, or missed. Other players have set the bar “way” high. No way I could’ve been a pro, no way.

At any rate, Fred deserves the Hall of Fame induction. All the the years I heard about Fred, or watched him run, I had never actually met him in person. Back in 2011, I worked a photo shoot in Jacksonville with the late Paul Figura. On that particular shoot, Paul chatted about his kids, and about how fun it was to work with Fred Taylor. When I met Fred this year, (for about 4 seconds and a quick selfie), I told him this about Paul. Fred’s response was “Paul was my guy”. So fun to hear him say that, and Paul was one of Jacksonville’s best photographers. I am lucky I worked with him, too. I went to Paul’s celebration of life (he died of a hemorrhagic stroke in his 50’s). His kids & brother shared lotsa fun things about him & Paul sure had a ball.

After a few more chats with some strangers, I meandered back to my car to drop off a few things before going in the stadium. I was lucky to have found a single ticket online and my seat was perfect. The seat mates around me were mostly men, and it was funny to get their insight.

The Jaguars won. It was a great drive home.

For information on future developments with the Boselli Foundation, check bosellifoundation.com. They’ll be glad to have you there.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Wishing you sunny skies, a positive cash flow, good health, & remember, YOU are FABULOUS:-).


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Rogiani Olympic top/lat pulldowns. Pic 2023, flashscreen from video

V-Wrap High Waist Leggings & Siren crop top, supplex

If you’re into weight training, fitness or just want to have comfortable leisure wear, have I got the line for you, Rogiani. It’s a high end line of couture Fitness & leisure wear designed and created by Elisabetta Rogiani. She’s a designer with Italian roots living out in Los Angeles. Her fabrics are in various different selections such as supplex, butter, or stretch cotton.

Her line is perfect too, for when you want to attend your next football or athletic event. She can also advise on colors best for photo shoots, & styles best for body types, as well. She works personally with each client & has been for years. When you enter the code “BethAdair” (no spaces between) you’ll receive 15% off your order.

Ex. of discount code box

I first crossed paths with Elisabetta back in 2015. I wanted to have a custom designed outfit for a fitness photo shoot. I needed help with colors, and also with what might be best for my body type (high waisted, low waisted, etc.). ELISABETTA knew just what to suggest, with colors, styles, and later my outfit was featured in a two-page spread in an Australian fitness magazine for ladies, Oxygen Magazine AU, 2015. I’d later order a similar outfit in different colors, for another photo shoot I planned with a different photographer.

Rogiani outfit . Pic circa 2015. I use the captains chair in my training, usually 4 sets of 80, 2-3 days a week.

What’s your favorite football team? Here’s an idea. You could pick out the style of clothing you like at Rogiani.com, and put the colors of your favorite team to match your favorite outfit. For example, if you’re a Carolina Gamecock’s fan, you could take the roll down tights like shown above, and put the waistband in a garnet, and the tights black with a top to match, or find a solid top. Or, if you’re rooting for the Gamecock’s rival, Clemson, you could custom order purple tights made with an orange waist band. Elisabetta could advise on whether you might like a high waisted style, a roll down style (where you can either wear the waist high or roll down the waist), or a shorter waisted version of her tights. Her fabrics are imported from Italy & the some parts of USA.

Pic by Paul Buceta @copyright all rights reserved Outfit by Rogiani outfit pic 2021. I was up 6 lbs.

I’m excited for fall already, and living in Florida, I know her light weight hooded jackets will be perfect. On the road, I’ll need to layer more for cooler temps. Do you live in Florida? If so, join me and locals in Jacksonville to attend the “Tailgate With Tony” event on 11/19. We’d love to have you there. I ran into Tony’s wife Angi at the nail salon the other day and she told me all about it. Buy your ticket at BoselliFoundation.com, and click “events”.

Come join us before the Jaguars game 😀

I hope your projects are rolling well, and the cash flow is positive. Thank you for reading my blog and remember, YOU are FABULOUS.

Rogiani Outfit . Pic Oct 2023, front raise
Olympic Top & V wrap High waisted leggings

pics in black V wrap leggings were taken by an IPhone with a flash screen pic pulled from a video. I was working solo in FL.

Such great tights, & inspired by the event

*Consult doctor before performing any exercise 🙂

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STRONGCAMP Lynbrook Style


I heard about STRONGCAMP events through Dacia Lucas, Ambassador & coordinator for STRONG camps. The events are backed by Strong Fitness Magazine , a ladies fitness magazine. The staff at the magazine is nothing but a ”positive vibe”. Circulated globally, the magazine has a strong presence in the US & Canada. I’ve been a subscriber for years.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m always looking for a laugh. A dose of laughs while getting the endorphins rolling is my kind of event. There were lotsa laughs to be had at the Lynbrook camp. I’m glad I was welcomed at the inaugural event. I invited girls from my work, but everyone had plans & could not attend. I had to work after the camp was over and was lucky to have adjusted my schedule to accommodate it all.

The 2 day camp was led by Ambassador Esmin Feliciano, & started with a ”meet & greet” on Friday night at the Rockville Center Hotel. The service is top notch. Georgetta, the hotel manager, really took care to see that campers & other hotel guests had everything they needed (there were also bar mitzvah & wedding guests at the hotel the same weekend). Van service is reliable exclusively to the JFK airport, too.

A fabulous spread of food was setup for the Friday night meet & greet. Esmin was there to greet, along with Dacia Lucas. I saw lotsa familiar faces from the Suffield camp last September, too. Chief photographer, Paul Buceta www.PaulBuceta.com, was there as well. He’s a pro in his field, with a no-nonsense approach to business. I always learn something about the business from Paul, even if the “chatski” is only 5 minutes.

Selfie with Dacia, outside the hotel at the ”meet & greet”

The first girls I met on Friday night were Sarah & Georgia, ’The Alchemy Fitness Girls”. They’re New Yorkers from Staten Island, & they were excited to tell me about their concept in fitness. Georgia, mother of 2 & fluent in Greek, & Sarah is a WBFF Pro former fitness competitor & occupational therapist. They both enjoy motivating ladies to be the best they can be at whatever they’re doing.

Blessed with 2 days of sunny skies, it just couldn’t have been better weather for the weekend set of events. We all met the first day at Greis Park, & set up to do the Zumba class with Lynn.

Lynn set the tone for the weekend, & “flipped the switch” with a fun class. Her tunes were upbeat, & she was an excellent teacher. I hadn’t done a Zumba class before, & definitely needed the instructions. It was a blast!

Paul was on the sidelines at the 50 yard line of the football field, to snap a few pictures. We weren’t paid to be there. We were there to get out of the house & mingle with like-minded ladies with a passion for fitness. As one instructor, Maria Gonzalez, mentioned later, ”if you live alone & don’t have work or family obligations, why not come out for the camaraderie?” She had a great point, the countertops aren’t going to care if they get cleaned again, (haha).

Lynn teaching Zumba

photo by Paul Buceta copyrighted

Georgia & Sarah, the Alchemy Fitness girls, led the second class on day one. Their workouts are revved, with upbeat music, & I loved the way they taught, by alternating counts with each other on what we would do next. You could go at your own pace, & they had class details written on a board they displayed for everyone to see. (A syllabus of your ”butt kick”, so-to-speak.). Check them out on Instagram at @Alchemy_Fitness.

Photo by Paul Buceta /copyrighted
(L to R)Georgia & Sarah working out in Zumba class

After lunch, we headed over to do a kickboxing class with Maria. She’s a great instructor, with lots of energy.

Later, Nicole would teach a class on stretching, & also gave tips to us on how to avoid incontinence when aging. Nicole was very down-to-earth, & could easily relate to any issue with positive advice.

Day 1 was capped off with a yoga class taught by Jaclyn, a recent covergirl on Strong Fitness Magazine. She would also give nutrition tips on day 2.

Photo by Paul Buceta copyrighted

The whole class on day 1, Greis Park.

Kobe on the move

Photo credit Paul Buceta copyrighted
Photo credit Paul Buceta copyrighted
Photo by Paul Buceta copyrighted
Betty, our ”powerhouse”, & at 70+ worked very hard
Photo credit Paul Buceta copyrighted

Maureen, ”mid-move” in Zumba

Photo credit Paul Buceta copyrighted

Brooks Adrenalines shoes

“Pyramid style”

On Sunday, we would all meet over at Proficient Sports Training (www.ProficientSportsTraining.com) gym. The gym is owned by retired NFL defensive back, Donny Brady. I took a Lyft ride over to his gym a scoche early to get a few pics, as i knew I was going to do a blog. I was greeted by Donny, & his wife (who had an angelic face & was just as sweet). They were glad to show me around, & i loved the positive quotes on his gym walls.

Donny’s wife, who was doing ab work & handstands when i walked in!

Donny mentioned his goal now is to train kids, & be a positive influence with his ”Body by Brady Bootcamp” concept. He is from Bellmore, Long Island, NY & went into the NFL at a young age. While we were there, 2 kids were training in the other area doing intervals.

Donny taught us a few drills, and brought back high school memories for me with the “six inch killers” (raising your legs six inches off the ground & holding the feet there a few minutes). We would do leg raises, scissor kicks, deadlifts & plank holds, too. I pretended I was in the NFL draft, & had a good time laughing.

I was hanging away from the gang, as I was sweating tons!

After Donny & his wife left, we spent another hour or 2 doing some more drill work led by Dacia. I enjoyed the class, & went down to train next to Betty. She was an animal. At over 70+, she was doing full pushups on a ladder sequence, mixed in with running back & forth to a cone, & 2 lunges each trip. I loved the energy, & came up ”a tad weak” on upper body strength. I decided I’m going to work on upper arm strength for the next camp in doing some pushups.

After the final workout, we chatted with Jaclyn on nutrition. She gave advice to get plenty of protein a day, as well as answered various questions.

We capped the day off with lunch at Valley Stream Park. Esmin thanked us all for attending her camp & passed out gifts to the Ambassadors who taught, & drew names for some other prizes.

Special thanks to OutworkNutrition.com, a camp sponsor. They have a fabulous whey protein supplement, ”Build”, which has 120 calories per scoop, & 25 grams of protein. Thanks too, to Proficient Sports Training, for lending their gym a few hours, & sponsor Grounds and Hounds Coffee, (www.groundsandhoundscoffee.com), who sends a percentage of their profits to rescue pets.

I hope you find my blog inspirational, & remember, YOU are FABULOUS. 😀

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Motto: Natural Hair Solutions for a healthy life style

Gus, in the blue jacket, founded Jumam.

Shampoos and conditioners, there are so many. It’s something that we use everyday, and what makes this one so special? It’s a product that’s paraben-free, alcohol-free, PEG-free, sulfate-free & fragrance free.

Key ingredients in Jumam hair products are: Nettle, Basil, Rosemary, Watercress, Culantrillo, Avocado Oil, Macademia Oil & MACA. All of these organic extracts are harvested in the mountains of the South American Andes, (average altitude of 2,500 meters = 8,202 feet). Extracts are from the Andes, where climatological/weather conditions in the high Andes (and in the Amazon region) and offer a very fertile, & rich soil filled with minerals, (not available in other parts of the world). As a result, these selected plant extracts contain a high concentration of vitamins, nutrients, & antioxidants. The vitamins are : A, B, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, & K. The minerals in the product are: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulphur, folic acid, protein, & phosphorus. Other trace natural elements include manganese, iron, zinc, copper & selenium.

All of the ingredients in all four formulations have been researched,, tested & designed in cooperation with the Laboratory JUMAM of Lima, Peru, & using the data base of the Environmental Work Group based in Seattle, WA. (www.ewg.org/skindeep). I have color treated hair, and have enjoyed having a product that is “putting oil back into my hair”. For long hair, you will need the size of a quarter for the shampoo & conditioner. For short hair, about the size of a dime for shampoo and a varied amount for conditioner.

I’ve been extremely happy with the products. I purchased all four products, with shampoo priced between euro 10,99- euro 14,99, and can be found online at Dutch website www.Jumam.NL or if you live in the Netherlands, on drugstore shelves at Da Drogist (@dadrogist on Instagram).

You’ll see a shine in your hair. You’ll love the product:-)

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Product Founder Gustavo (Gus) Seminario, find him on LinkedIn.


Iris Davis

It was a clear day with a full moon to follow in Orlando, Florida on Halloween. I took a drive down from Jacksonville to meet Iris Davis. Iris is a 76 year old bodybuilding competitor. The #MidFloridaClassic was being held at the Rosen Hotel & Conference center.

Iris & I crossed paths when I was on social media .* I was inspired by her energy & enthusiasm. My late Dad lived in South Carolina, as well as Iris, and I’m guessing that’s why the algorithms worked as they did back when I was on social media during one visit there. During the onset of Covid, I was in SC every weekend from Florida seeing family.

Iris is a native of Dublin, Ireland. She was working at a young age of 14 there, in a sewing factory making 1.50 a week. She married at age 17, & later gave birth at age 18. Tragically, her 1st baby died at the age of 2 months of SIDS, (Sudden Infant death syndrome). Her husband was a Trinity college grad, & after the death of their child they moved to the U.K..

She started walking to combat depression & took up lifting weights at age 22. In the U.K. there were no gyms, & only men worked out with weights. Iris started mirroring their workout routines, & now jokes that back then no one (including the men) really knew what they were doing. Nothing was structured into reps or sets, you just showed up at a pit to train.

Her first husband passed away at a young age and Iris moved to the United States from the United Kingdom and became a nanny. It was a job she enjoyed & she moved to California. Most anyone will tell you California is one of the havens of fitness in the US.

Fast forward to age 39 where she would meet her husband Bob in California. He was 23 then. Iris moved back to the U.K. at age 40, and Bob couldn’t stand her absence & flew over to the U.K. to be near Iris. They would later marry and relocate back to California & have been married over 36 years. They now reside in South Carolina.

In California, Iris did a number of things in fitness from walking, lifting weights to running. At age 47, she was bedridden with encephalitis for 2 years. Can you imagine? She emerged stronger than ever, & hit the gym even harder. Why train so hard and stay so dedicated? Iris said she does this to combat depression & uses fitness as her medication. There’s no stigma with needing any medication or counseling, Iris just prefers to train & motivate clients & said that keeps depression away.

In 1994, at age 50, she entered her first bodybuilding competition & placed 2nd. Iris uses no supplements, takes no steroids or body enhancing substances & is all natural. She doesn’t count macros, calories, fat grams or protein grams. Her diet consists of a clean variety of mostly the following items : cabbage, broccoli, sweet potatoes & chicken. She said when she’s being strict, she’ll take all of those ingredients combined, make an enormous portion with a chicken, and eat it everyday. (This reminded me of the late Robert Kennedy, who was a Canadian fitness pioneer that once wrote an editorial on sticking to 7 essential foods when eating clean. Oh how I miss his funny editorials in Oxygen Magazine. Bob’s widow, Tosca Reno is a writer & puts out books on the subject, as well.

For contest prep, there are no cheat meals for Iris. She starts 9 weeks from contest date, eats a solely clean diet & consumes only water for beverages. For the #MidFloridaClassic, she started 9 weeks out at 109 pounds, lost a pound a week and weighed in on contest day at 100 lbs.. Iris is 5’1”.

Like many a retired pro athlete, Iris loves to train & does so to the tune of 3-4 hours a day. This includes weight training & cardio, and she runs a personal training studio out of her house & will train along with her clients. This isn’t uncommon, as many retired pro athletes or retirees at a gym I attend in FL will train this hard, as well. What is unique with Iris is at 76 she does it with a crystal clean diet. Iris mentioned she does high reps and lower weights to stay lean.

She said she was entered in women aged over 40, 50 & 70 in bodybuilding, and only knew those poses. For categories in figure, bikini or wellness, she said she’s unfamiliar with most poses.

I did a quick video before the contest & took a few pictures. While in the lobby, we were greeted by radio personality, Lisa Vasquez, who came up from St. Petersburg, Florida to interview Iris.

Such an inspiration, & worth the drive to meet her. I laughed more than once at her antics, and look forward to reading about what Iris’ next adventure will be.

*All of my social media platforms were shutdown in 2022, after a bad hack. Some blogs were destroyed during the hack, as well.


Hair and Makeup with Renee

by Beth Adair

A talented makeup artist can make all the difference in the world to your next head shot or photo shoot.  I wanted to get a few shots in fairly “natural looking” makeup, for a “business look”, & that would also show up in pictures.  In Jacksonville, Renee Parenteau is a fabulous contact.

I had first met Renee when working on a photo shoot with the late Paul Figura back in 2011.  Paul was locally known, well liked, & had worked with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Paul had accounts out-of-state with goals in commercial work. In 2011.   I was eagerly trying then to get the attention of a fitness magazine staff & wanted unedited shots to send to them.   (In hopes of getting picked up on a potential project, later on). Paul came highly recommended by Chris Condon, a friend from high school, & photographer for the PGA tour.

It was an incredible gift, as I worked with Paul free on spec.  Sometimes you won’t know where or why you’ll get such nice favors by photographers, but I am always grateful.  Paul talked about his 2 kids the whole shoot.

I didn’t even have to explain to Renee what I was looking for, a “sport” look as she already knew & had already done work out in Los Angeles.  I showed at her studio before the crack of dawn, so we could be Paul’s studio by 7 am.  I had always been trained in college to show with clean hair and no makeup on, so that’s how I arrived.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is B4B04B5E-3F49-41D1-91B7-EE2B386DBA7B.jpeg

The look was perfect.  A natural “sporty look”, & using mostly muted shades, with lash extensions.  On any given day at the gym, you will find me with mascara or lipstick.  I’ve been known to show at marathons with a full face of makeup (something not always understood by other runners).
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 383C99EC-5BE9-4CE8-A014-5D8CBDB0BB3E.jpeg

Years later, I’d cross paths with Renee again, and she was just as fun to work with.  Her studio had transitioned to both makeup and still shot photography.  I needed a few head shot looks for my professional profile.   I got some in a suit, and a “housewife look” in a denim shirt.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is EDB9B680-8771-439D-BEB2-7D988D78188F.jpeg

My agent and I met later that month and we reviewed pictures.  She commented that Renee did great work.   I hope if your travels bring you to Jacksonville, you’ll add Renee to your list of contacts for make up.

Renee works in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  Contact her at reneeparenteauphoto.com.   The headshot below was taken in 2017.  Renee did hair, makeup & photography that day.


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muycerdas milfster



Wigs And Wishes

Attending the “Wigs & Wishes” event in Berlin, NJ  was just plain fabulous. The event, put on by salon owner & hair product @HSN marketer, Martino Cartier, was packed with laughs & a positive vibe.

I first became acquainted with Martino’s salon through a guy I used to date.  My hair appointment was scheduled in FL and I had “serious root issues”. No woman, including myself, wants to have hair or  roots resembling a raccoon’s.  That week, I just wasn’t interested in that look.   I would’ve waited for my own hairdresser, but she was booked solid for two weeks at Zimmiz in FL.  I had to be at work in less than 3 days.

At the salon, the stylist explained they put on an event every year and to keep it in mind. Her boss, Martino, wasn’t in, but to put it in the back of my mind & made a note of the date.  I later researched it online.

Fast forward 10 months or so, and I’m pulling into Lucien’s manor in a rented Toyota ready to mingle.  I noticed a Lamborghini parked outside, so I got a picture on the way out.

The last charity event I had attended prior to this one was a March, The Jay Fund Event put on by Tom Coughlin, in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL.

Martino’s event started with a fab pack of ladies that assigned me a table number and sent me to coat check. From there, I entered an amazing room with chandelier’s, live band & tons of hors douvres. There was also a fun camera screen with several hats, glasses and wigs to take pictures in. I went ahead and gave it a whirl and asked the girls if they’d use my phone, too.  They were glad to help.

I walked up to a table and started chatting with a sweet couple from Delaware. Gina, and her husband had come over to the event and she was proud to tell me she had on a wig designed by Martino.  She said she had been fighting an uphill battle with lymphoma & that she was almost done with her treatmemts.  She had three kids at home and she & her husband were a scream.   We tooled the rooms set up for auction.

While we were trekking around, Miss New Jersey, Jaime Gialloreto, introduced herself and modeled necklaces she was asking for bids on. The monies would benefit the event. We snapped pictures.

From there, we met Martino’s son, Brigade, and I got a pic and later with Martino. I could see the resemblance . Both men were full of energy and friendly in approaching everyone in attendance.

Sponsors of the event included Lancôme cosmetics, HSN, Brazilian Blowout, Viviscal, Abbott Florist, Mike’s Hardscapes, Platinum House Streets.  I noticed too, items for auction included a donated @cj_wentz helmet who plays QB for the @Eagles.  The event had lots of local support.  I had flown into Philadelphia, as it was a closer drive than flying into Newark.

After some bids were put in for auction, we went to a separate room for dinner.  Everything was first class, from the venue, to the staff working the event, to the food.  A three course meal offering  fish & steak as the main entree.  Coffee & cake were offered afterwards.   A cash bar was available .

Celebrities included NJ local Danielle Staub , of the New Jersey Housewives, & celebrity stylist @CarsonKressley .  Carson was also on one of the boards in Philadelphia (unfortunately, I cannot recall which).    They were both a scream.  Both Danielle, (who at mid-50’s looks at least 10 years younger), & Carson, (who was equally as youthful in appearance), kept the crowd laughing.  Later, Martino would introduce cancer patients who would receive Wigs & wishes.

Back in 1997, i raised a few thousand dollars for a child with Leukemia w/the GA chapter of Leukemia team & training.  I ran my 1st NYC marathon for him at the same time.   I found it very emotionally taxing to be around a child who knew how sick he was, and hearing the expense of  treatments was equally as tough.   It was easier to run a marathon.   With this event, the amount of money raised brought a lot of smiles.  The terminally ill child receiving a dog from Martino, smiled too.

I had to leave around 9:30-10 pm as I had to make a 6 AM departure from Philadelphia the next morning. My table mates, (Mark Margu & his Dad both ran Henry Margu Wigs), had just gotten word of a gas explosion near their homes & wanted to get back to check on their house.

With rental car return the next morning, the drive and etc., I knew I’d be lucky to get 4 hours of sleep. I had been in NYC two days prior to this event working on volunteering with the NYC marathon (which was a total blast),  Beth Adair.com/NYC-Style-Volunteering/.

I like to volunteer with fun projects.  I was grateful for a week of positive vibe with the peeps at the NYC marathon when I volunteered there, & at the gala in NJ with Wigs & Wishes.  I hope next years event is equally as fun.  If you would like to support this event, contact WigsandWishes.org online.

Thank you for checking out my blog, wishing you lotsa laughs & remember, YOU are FABULOUS:-)


NYC Style Volunteering

Most anyone that knows me, knows I love to be around anything with positive energy. I enjoy motivating others to their goals, & I enjoy laughing. Of course,  like anyone else, I’m occasionally faced with challenges, but who isn’t.

Earlier in 2018, I was trying to think of fun ways to get motivated to work a little harder on some personal projects in fitness. Nothing spells serious motivation & a positive vibe better than being around a pack of runners who have voluntarily opted to take on a marathon, and travel to get there.

I registered to volunteer with the TCS New York City marathon & requested to work at race number pickup. I was assigned two days from 9-2pm, & told I could stay longer,  if I wanted.

Fast forward to the first day of the expo & I was greeted by so many people who were happy to see me and one man, Glenn, wanted me to tell my coworkers about the app to find anyone in the race. I hope everyone running the marathon had a blast.

After checking in, I was given a volunteer t-shirt & told which room to report to. I was about the 3rd person to arrive there.   The lady running orientation, Barbara Alpert, was a complete scream & very “no nonsense”. She told us with a lot of humor that she’d been volunteering with the race (on her vacation time from her job) for the last 30 years. She loved the energy of the runners & found it rewarding.  She gave solid direction, and summed up customer service in a matter of minutes.  It went like this, “Greet everyone with a smile, welcome them to our city, and stay off of your phones & devices when runners are around”.  I thoroughly enjoyed her cut and dry approach to the rules of the marathon.

I knew right off the bat, I was in the right room. I was looking for a “restart button” to my own work energy level & fitness training that had been stuck in “stagnant mode”. A mode similar to driving a manual transmission with a four cylinder engine (when you’re used to an 8 cylinder).

I’ve learned over the last few months that I’m not ready to retire from working anytime soon, with any work projects.  No sense either in taking on anything without my usual style of “Gung Ho”. I’m grateful I was permitted to work at the expo.

After orientation, I followed behind other volunteers and everyone settled in a number bracket, two by two. On day one, my coworker was Kevin Vargas, who worked for Adidas, lived in Brooklyn & was planning to run on Sunday. He was equally as motivated to check in runners & we were both waiting with bells on.  We decided we’d wish everyone a personal best.  I was especially glad he was fluent in Spanish as we had runners from Spain & Mexico.

One thing I’ve learned in my own experience as a runner (going either abroad, or within the US), is to thank runners for making the trip to the race.  They worked the trip and race into their budgets.  I asked 95% of everyone I helped if it was their first race, or first  TCS NYC Marathon.

Language barriers were seldom a problem. Kevin was fluent in Spanish & on my other side (in the next booth). a man & his son were from Poland, & spoke Polish fluently. This was a blast with all three runners I checked in from Poland.  I turned them right over to my Polish friends so they could have a “homeland chatski”. It brought a lot of laughs.

Day one of my volunteer efforts included helping Ultramarathoner Mariano Ontanon get film (along with Kevin) for ESPN Run TV.  We did 4 takes and Mariano’s photographer, Alvaro Stocker,  was a scream.  I got a lot of laughs with this.  We had time to do different angles between other runners who were checking in.  Kevin knew Mariano’s  race experience & clued ne in.  Mariano won an Ultramarathon, (totally out of my comprehension),  and a gift also possessed by Brian Ankers,’15 Connemara 100 winner .  (I met Brian and his family several years ago in Ireland, great people).  

Between runners, there were gaps and time to talk, and on day two my coworker was Celebrity  Fitness trainer Amber Rees, who helped co-found Bravo Body Scape fitness.  I told her about Jordan Metzl, my friend who she didn’t know.   I had no idea how many different concepts there were in fitness before I met Amber.  NYC is packed with them and it sounded so fun.  I shared my latest project with her on a photo shoot  & Amber was nothing but positive in encouraging anything.


The most common question I got was if I had done a TCS NYC marathon.  I was glad I could say “Yes, 3, but I’m not running this year”.  The energy was so positive and I left motivated to work harder in my job & with goals.

I encourage anyone to either run the marathon or volunteer to work the expo.  You’ll meet energetic people and get new ideas.


Strong Butt

Picture is post race to the RW Half & festival. Jordan spoke at his conference at the Arts Quest Center in PA after running the 5K & 10K with his brother, Jamie. I ran the 10K, & showed up to mingle at the conference. I left after Jordan spoke, to get food at Wegman’s & watch football.

If you’ve never heard the phrase “a strong butt is key to a happy running life”, let me be the first to introduce you to it. An entertaining phrase first coined by Dr. Jordan Metzl, MD, an orthopedic MD in New York City.

I first crossed paths with Jordan at a conference he held a few years back called “Running Strong”.  It was held along with a panel of other athletes.  I had heard him say the phrase before (on TV),  but never in person, and never with additional advice on how to train to make you a better runner.  I was intrigued. 

One weekend a few years back,  I was up in Bethlehem, PA  for an annual 10K race.   After the 10k in ‘18, Jordan held a seminar  (in the auditorium of the Arts Quests center) to share his knowledge on running, and injury prevention.  

I’ve attended a few of Jordan’s #IronStrength classes in New York City.  They are free o’charge to the public, and you can find the dates and how to register by clicking on drjordanmetzl.com.   He’s even been known to do a “fitness throw down” with teaching classes inside the United Nations or on top of the Intrepid museum.

Proper form was the key message I got from the seminar in ‘18.  Keeping the strain off of your back & knees with proper foot strike, running form, core work & with weight training would make you a better runner.  It also would  help keep you off of the injured list.  

Dr. Metzl explained he’d seen patients anywhere from ages 8-80+ who wanted to continue to run or stay fit.  Staying healthy and keeping up with moving through fitness was something he supports.  Jordan is originally from Kansas City, MO & practices in CT & NY.

I belong to a gym in FL frequented by many retired professional athletes.  I’ve crossed paths with many who haven’t retired, & are still at it.  Three of the most amazing examples I can think of are Hal Higdon, George Hirsch & Amby Burfoot.  They are all over 70 & have never stopped.

Hal regularly  goes to the gym with his wife Rose.  In FL you will find him circulating the weight room,  or beach at a speed similar to someone half his age.  His wife likes water aerobics.  

Amby ran the 2018 Boston Marathon  (in nasty weather conditions). I don’t need to say anything else about how amazing that is.  If you’ve never met Amby, he enjoys motivating runners, and is nothing but a positive vibe.   Check his website ambyburfoot.com to get signed up for his blogs.   He’s the ‘68 winner of the Boston Marathon.

George was at the start of the ‘16 & ‘17 Onward Shay marathon ready to run, & mingling with locals.   He founded  Onward Shay, which was created in memory of his deceased wife, Shay.  I’ve heard nothing but good about Shay..  The entire community supported this race.  George  had enormous support.   Joan Benoit Samuelson, Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, & several other elite athletes were all in attendance for the inaugural race in 2016.  It’s now called the Boise Marathon.   Also, George would later set a race PR in his 80’s.  Can you imagine?  A PR in your 80’s?   I don’t know anyone else who has done that.

 If want to market your business in Boise, with the Boise Marathon, your best contact is Keith Hughes with Vertical Endurance (Find him on LinkedIn).  

Getting back to the seminar in PA, (and pardon my rabbit hole), one exercise Dr. Metzl recommended is the Plie Squat.  (To keep the strain off of your back & stay strong).  Maintaining a healthy core is key, too.   The proper form with the plié exercise is having your feet in the second “ballet position” (feet turned slightly out), which will open the hip flexors.  Bending  your knees and holding the weight with both hands in plié fashion will work the glutes.   Down & up once, and there you have a rep. 

Other forms of weight training to keep your “butt in check” would include straight leg deadlifts, regular squats and also lunges.  Consult your doctor before beginning any weight training or exercise routine (and/or contact Jordan on his website at DrJordan Metzl.com ).  I also recommend meeting with a trainer who can look at your form. If you’re new to weight training, it’s best to start with the correct form.

If your goal is to keep fit forever, and you think you’re injured, by all means, consult a doctor and take time off.  Take care of your injury.   If it means pulling out of a race or contest, so be it.  Races and body building or bikini/figure/fitness contests will still be there later.  If you need time off, it’s better  to show up at your best.  Sometimes this can be a hard decision, but don’t jeopardize your fitness future by not allowing an injury to heal. 

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Carpe Viam


Anyone in the running community will tell you, to get to the Boston Marathon is no easy feat and this year was extra special. It marked the 50th anniversary of Amby Burfoot’s @bostonmarathon win.  

I met Amby back in 2012. I had talked my good friend Marge into joining me for a “girls trip” weekend in Pennsylvania and running a 10K at the festival. She agreed to leave her family at home and take off “Thelma and Louise style” to PA.. I knew we’d see members of a magazine staff, & I knew elite runners would be there. What I didn’t know, was how much fun & how humble it would be to meet Amby.

Back then, Amby was selling one of his books, and chatting with runner’s from all over. We were talking with him about Florida and he had mentioned he and his wife were going to be moving to CT and had been looking at real estate. They had planned to set up one of their retirement homes in CT.

Over the course of the last 6 years, Amby has written two more books, traveled to Boise a couple of times with George Hirsch (former worldwide publisher, Chairman Emeritus of the NYRR, & founder of the NYC Marathon, & Onward Shay marathon- which would later be called Boise Marathon), gotten settled in CT, and also traveled a few times to Mexico (where his wife Cristina is from).

Amby knows everybody, and I’ve even joked, “if you’re a runner, and Amby didn’t meet you, you didn’t exist”. If you ask me, he is just that hooked up with the running community.

Once I landed, got checked in to the hotel, and “Uber-ed” over, I walked right in and the first person I noticed was Deena Kastor. She was signing books, getting photos with fans and had George not come over to say goodbye to her, I would have missed him and Amby! I quickly got a picture with everyone and was able to later chat with Amby on his current training and goals for the Boston Marathon this year.

At the conference, I asked what kept him going and what his best advice was for anyone his age or near his age in keeping fit. He said to just “keep moving” and recommended walking. For the race on Monday, he said he’d be doing a 4:1 ratio of running to walking and said he was going to start training for shorter distances. Over the last many years, he’s completed the Manchester Road race over 50 times, been healed from depression caused by a C-diff infection (and was the most challenging health issue he’s dealt with ever) and has enjoyed training in CT and Mexico, “snowbird style”. He and his wife spend winters in Mexico.

I knew I’d be getting a unique gift for Amby to celebrate his 50th Boston Marathon. I had been to London, and while tooling around shopping, I was in Harrod’s and saw these great chocolate bars that resembled bars of gold. They were solid chocolate and a signature line to the Harrod’s brand packaged in gold packaging. I bought 5 (one bar for every 10 years) and gave them to Amby and his wife, as well as gave George Hirsch pictures when I saw him with friends last October.  For many people like myself, it’s more fun to give gifts than get them, and gag gifts are even more fun.

After Marge and I attended the conference and met some fun peeps, like John Young and met writers, Jonathan Beverly, Deena Kastor, & Scott Douglas. I got pics and had some laughs. Probably the most comical of the day was when Deena Kastor asked what race I attended to qualify for Boston. I answered, “well, I’m not exactly running, and haven’t qualified as of yet”. She laughed and made a few motivating comments as to how I’d do it later. Truth be known, I tried three times in the NYC marathon and I decided after the last one I completed in ’03, that I’m not going for it again.  

I’m crosstraining hard in the weight room and enjoying other forms of cardio.  Biking, swimming & occasionally the rower are some favorites.  

The rest of the weekend was a riot, we checked out a few pubs, hit up a workout at Planet Fitness in Revere and went shopping.  We stopped by the Brooks Running expo booth too, at Seaport to see some of the staff.   Marge got her daughter & husband a few things, too.

Marge is a business woman in the New York City area.  I’m grateful for such a fabulous friend!  I tend to surround myself with people who will motivate me to work harder and in turn, I try to motivate others.  I’ve known her and her family since 1992.  

I have a photo shoot  I’m excited to do. I shared this with most everyone I chatted with this weekend. It will just be a blast! It’s for my “fitness over 50″  plan.  Funny too, I was sitting a local pub, and a man who missed his Boston qual by 20 seconds (and a touch miffed about it), was asking my opinions on his startup concept. It was a treat to offer advice.  I had contact information on in Australia (who are related to his business fitness concept)  and also to mention (since he and his girlfriend were from Toronto), to check out all of the Canadian magazine  issues of the last year. I recommended too, he start writing a blog once a week (the new advice I was just given).  And, also, to check out any ladies fitness magazines.  

I don’t believe in a whole lot of coincidence, so it was great that I met this couple, and even if I never see them again, my “two beer stop in” to a pub in Fanueil Hall might’ve flipped a switch to motivate more health and wellness. It was funny too, the aggravation the man had with his “near-qual miss”, and the couple was entertained I showed up from a “no qual zone” just to see friends.  (No qual zone being my fun way of bypassing I hadn’t tried in a few years and have no plans to try to qualify for another 20).

I got the short phrase, and name of this blog post, “Carpe Viam”,  from an article Amby wrote on Ryan Shay. It means “seize the road” and when you are in Boston on marathon weekend, even if you can’t “seize the road”, you’ll “seize the vibe” and get motivated to get moving on a project. You might even motivate others to get projects going, too.

Until my next post, remember to work hard and laugh harder. Thank you for reading my blog, & remember, YOU are FABULOUS:-) 

Amby answering questions at the RW popup.
Marge & I with Amby.
I stopped by the Brooks booth at the expo.
Amby Burfoot, myself, George Hirsch
George co-founded the New York Marathon
Deena Kastor chats it up with fans.
There I was with 3 amazing writers!