IMG_7381Beth was born in Charlotte, NC and raised primarily in the  Carolina region & Florida.   She put this site together with Junito Bermudez after it was requested by a Oxygen Magazine AU in 2015.  “I’m one of 24 Beth Adair’s in the USA, and that doesn’t even count the Elizabeth’s”.

Her degree is a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida.  Check her Linkedin profile if you’re interested in checking on her job skills, check there.

Projects during the course of her career at Delta Air Lines have included being on the board for the Delta Running Team in the 90’s, raising thousands of dollars running her first marathon for Leukemia Research, volunteering for the USO in Jacksonville and New York City  She’s also has done photo shoots free on spec, or with paid project campaigns over the course of the last 28 years of her employment.

“I don’t use my flight passes if I’m getting paid, as it violates company policy.  Twice I have bought plane tickets to photo shoots where money was involved.  One of the funnest shoots i ever did was on a layover.  I worked a trip to get to Dublin, and when I landed worked with a radically energetic crew, Jim Schofield Photography, in Phoenix Park”.   Irish record holder Brian Ankers worked with her.  (He was paired with her and they had never met prior to the shoot).

“I ran the 1997 New York City Marathon & trained in Atlanta, Ga.  I had a good time working for Tommy Owens & his team.  His emphasis was to have fun.  I knew I wasn’t going to win any world records, & the race was off-the-chain fun”.  She later ran 2 more @nycmarathon (s).  “My goal was to run 3 New York Cities before turning 40, so I started at 30.  I ran ’97, ’99 & in ’03 with a best friend since childhood, Tracy Wind”.   Beth volunteered at the Javits Center Expo in 2018 and also 2019, as well.  “So grateful to have met George Hirsch & his crew.  George co-founded the NYC marathon and there is no slack effort or anything unenthusiastic about knowing George.  I usually leave motivated to work harder after volunteering with them in NYC”, Beth said.

Hobbies over the last 20-30 years have included fitness training, running road races, participating in volunteering and traveling.  “If I didn’t work in travel, I wouldn’t have seen 60+ international cities & the most of the US.    I’m Irish by descent, so I try to get there once a year, (with work or on my own), for luck”.  I’m grateful for my job and laugh everyday, and frequently tell people I get ‘paid to laugh’.”  She said she hoped everyone is able to be in a job they enjoy as much.

With  benefit & charity work Beth said,  “projects include working on a fashion show at Altar’d State (a clothing store which benefits the bosellifoundation.com on occasion).    I waived fees to work it & promoted it online at my social pages, to lend local support.  The Boselli’s are a class act.  I was approached by Danielle Brehm to work the project.”

Beth also participated in The #BeTheForce Project on Veterans Day ‘19, at the USO in New York City, & has volunteered with @habijax, too.

“My projects for 2020 are going to be a scream.  I met the Gronkowski’s (a family of retired @NFL football players)  recently up at #StadiumBlitz & plan to go to more in the future.  With the “pandemic freeze” some projects were put on hold, but current goals are to stay focused on a fall bikini fitness competition and in the age category for age 50+.

Her airline job will continue to be rewarding and likely include trips to Europe & the UK.  “I’m hooked up in with Gyms in some of those destinations I work to “.

“If I’m not laughing, it’s not worth it”, Beth said.  And she laughs everyday.

written by : J. Kaiser

photo credit: Sarah Lyons/Picturegroove. AZ. 2015