In addition to my career as an international flight attendant, I enjoy print and promotional modeling.  I’m an Ambassador of the Gate River Run 15K,  something I’m proud of and do free o’charge.  The Gate River Run is the largest US 15K & packed with post-race laughs.   It’s a fun course that’s a blast to walk, too.    If you would like information on how to sponsor the race, please contact Doug Alred, email:

In print, I was featured in a two page spread in Oxygen Magazine Australia, issue 78.   Getting in a reputable international fitness magazine was the hardest goal to ever accomplish, ever.   I enjoyed the shoot and am working towards other goals.

If you have ideas for a photo shoot, article or questions on how to contact me, the best contact email is as follows:

My hourly rate for modeling projects is 75.00/hr.    I sometimes work on charity work and occasionally will waive fees for benefits and charity.

I’m also represented by Vicki Foley of Foley Talent.  Her email contact is

Have a nice day and remember to work hard, and laugh harder:-).