IMG_7381Beth was born in Charlotte, NC and raised in the primarily in the  Carolina region and Florida.   She put this site together with JB Bermudez after it was requested by a magazine in 2015.  “It was a foreign magazine, and before they published me, they wanted to know what I was about.  The site also differentiates me from the other Beth Adair’s.  Nationwide there are at least 24”, Beth said.

Her first TV appearance was at age 8.  She, her brother & 3 neighborhood kids raised money for the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  “I lived in Queens, New York from 1992-1994 which was fun.  I took the train to the city quite a bit back then from Union Turnpike to 5th & 53rd”.

Her degree is a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida.  Her course work was in education, psychology, criminology and humanities.  She obtained her degree whilst working throughout school.  “I worked mostly in retail, but did work full time one year as a legal secretary to two criminal defense attorney’s in Orlando and went to school that year part-time. ”  Upon college graduation, she took a job in Orlando as the youngest store manager for Sally Beauty Supply.  She also modeled.  “I’ve always been grateful for any employment opportunity.   I paid for portions of my education and worked throughout college.  I was grateful for family support, through living at home free while in college, but it wasn’t ‘come and go as you please’, as there were strict curfews then,  I moved out after graduation”, Beth said.

Hobbies over the last 20-30 years have included fitness training, running road races, participating in volunteering and traveling. “I’m lucky to be in a job where I can see the world and laugh while working.  I love being a flight attendant and I love working photo shoots with energetic crews “, Beth said. She said too, “always be in a job where you laugh everyday, then you will be getting paid to laugh.  I’m Irish by descent, so I try to get there once a year, with work or on my own, for luck”.

Beth still does charity work and said, “One of the funnest things I did in charity work was run a marathon while also raising funds for Leukemia research.  I was mentored by Dr. Tommy Owens in Atlanta, GA and had a total blast at running groups”, Beth said.  She volunteers variously with different charities.  “I volunteer at a homeless mission in Florida on occasion.   We could all be homeless if a hurricane or natural disaster took our home.  I don’t view being homeless as a weakness, just as a personal challenge”.

Beth also sent money to Ireland, to support Samaritans.org, a suicide prevention project, after hearing a mother there tell of the devastation her son’s suicide caused her.   “I was lucky to have gotten a profit sharing check in ‘18 with my employer, so a 1,000.00 check was mailed the next day.  I understand the pain of suicide, as a family member did it in 1994.  Nothing is worth a suicide, nothing.”  My volunteer efforts this year will be with the USO.

Beth will be working a full-time schedule at her flight attendant job, doing some volunteer work in her hometown, as well as volunteering in New York in the fall, with the NYC marathon.  “Last year it was just so fun, it’s more of a pleasure to be around the energy than a job or chore.  Many working there have taken their vacation week’s to work the NYC expo on volunteer”, Beth said.

I asked her when she planned to retire, she said, “Not anytime soon.  I’m 51, not 65, & I’ll probably fly another 15-20 years and try to work on other projects, too.  After I retire, I’ll work on volunteer”.

“If I’m not laughing, it’s not worth it”, Beth said.  And she laughs everyday.

written by : J. Kaiser

photo credit: Sarah Lyons/Picturegroove. AZ. 2015